Sneakers and fan gear and cleats, oh my!

By Mir
July 9, 2008

Need to get into the game? You might want to peek over at Footlocker. Sure, they’ve got everything you need (and lots you don’t even recognize, or maybe that’s just me, but seriously, “Nordic Walker Training Pole”??), but for the entire month of July they’re offering a special discount: Take 20% off your $99+ order with coupon code LKS18LCP.

Needless to say, that could buy you a lot of Nordic poles at a discount. If you’re into that sort of thing.

1 Comment

  1. A guy in my neighborhood has walked with those for YEARS. He is super fit, but I have always thought of him as the crazy ski walker dude. I met him at a party the other night and truly could not stop laughing to myself to see him outside of his ski walking.

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