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By Mir
July 10, 2008
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Want Not regular BB was kind enough to tip me off to this deal on an iGo Everywhere Charger, and he says: “Don’t let the iPod reference distract you. It’s just the chargers and cables. Tips can be bought at Amazon, Mobility (the manufacturer), or Radio Shack, for roughly $10 each.”

So there you have it. Normally $40, on sale for $13.17 and ready to go if you’re using it for an iPod or iPhone, and adapter-ready for other devices, as well.


  1. I’m unsure whether this one includes the tip for an iPhone/iPod. However, $13 and some change for a $40 item is a deal. (I paid the $40 for my first one, and it was worth every penny to be free of a pile of chargers.) The model number listed for the item is for the basic iGo kit (wall charger, car charger, and cable), which does not include a tip.

  2. My friends who were just visiting had one and he raved about it. He says no more spending tons of money at Verizon for chargers! Going to go buy my husband one right now, thanks for the tip!!!

  3. I had an igo and it was great!

  4. I have one also and love it, just in case anyone is on the fence about buying. Totally worth it, especially at this great price.

  5. Now down to 11.85.

  6. And now up to $26.44. Gotta love Amazon pricing.

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