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By Mir
July 12, 2008
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Good morning! Sorry for my tardiness—I was up late last night watching slideshows of my husband’s family’s yesteryear along with just about everyone in his family. Let me tell you something: My husband was a happening lad in the 70s. Shorts up to his armpits and all. Rowr.

Anyway. In case you want to do some shopping today while I attend the Family Wedding Of The Century, here’s a few ideas for you:

Over at Amazon, choose either the Schylling metal fire truck ride-on or red race car ride-on for just $19.99 apiece (and free shipping eligible). Note that you need to look at the “More Buying Options” column on the right and choose to order it from Amazon to get the discounted price—it’s not the default.

The good news is that right now Coldwater Creek is having their biggest sale of the year; the bad news is that they don’t seem to have any current coupon codes.

All weekend long, you can take $20 off your $300 order at Overstock through that there link.

Have a Thomas the Tank Engine fan in your house? Right now at Deep Discount all Thomas DVDs are buy one, get one free. Shipping is always free, so you could be looking at a couple of DVDs to your door for as little as $6.06. (Pssst! Stocking stuffers!)

I may come back and add to this later, but right now I have to go snoogle some nephews. Have a great day!


  1. OMG. Those ride ons are to die for. Going to order one right now…

  2. I can’t get the Thomas DVDs to show up BOGO. 🙁

  3. Darn… too late for the ride ons. The firetruck one is so cute! Those must have gone really fast for only 19.99.

  4. Hey Mir. I thought I’d warn you about something going on with classic closeouts. I hopped on over there a couple of years ago (nov ’06) following one of your links and bought a few items. I think the total was $24 or so. This week someone there charged $69.99 to my debit card. I can’t reach anyone there, and have gotten no response so far from my online request. I mentioned it in a yahoo group of friends and the same thing happened to one of the others a couple of weeks ago. I think hers was $49.99, again for no reason. I’ve had to file a fraud alert with my bank, cancel my debit card and change all my passwords/online info, not to mention automatic payments, paypal, etc., that use that card. It’s a pain and I wanted to help anyone else that I can to avoid the same problem.
    Thanks! Brandy

  5. Darnit… I had to go fix the kids something to eat and missed the ride ons!

  6. I got the rideons (two for Christmas and one for a baby/adoption gift) but they cancelled my order – pricing mistake. Oh well.

  7. My little Thomas fan has a birthday coming up in August and he is going to be so thrilled with the DVDs–maybe as thrilled as I am with the price!

  8. bummer..Amazon canceled my order too for the rides on 🙁

  9. Yeah, I got canceled too on the ride-on. You’d think they’d honor their prices.

  10. I’m not the only one thinking stocking stuffers — yeah!

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