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By Mir
July 14, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I know this is going to come as a huge shock to y’all, on account of I’m so incredibly hip and un-geeky, but I’m a die-hard fan of the X-Files. (I know. Just pretend it’s shocking.) The fact that there’s an entire X-Files movie coming out this month makes me a little happier than is probably normal. Just leave me be.

Anyway, in honor of the movie release, Best Buy is offering a free movie ticket with select DVD purchases, so that you can get your David Duchovny fix for free. Choose from various discounted X-Files compilations or other sci-fi classics, too.

One certificate per order, but there are so many great deals, you may need to order more than once.


  1. I cannot wait to go see this….I rarely go to the movies, but hubby and I have a date night for this one, for sure.

  2. I *knew* we were kindred spirits…

  3. Bree Sharp said it so well…


    That is all. 🙂

  5. Mir! I knew you were pretty, but now that I know that you’re a fellow XF fan I see your prettiness in a whole new light (probably the light from a hovering alien ship ;)).

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