Children’s Place! Again!

By Mir
July 15, 2008

Didn’t I just post about new markdowns at The Children’s Place? Seems like I did. And yet, they’ve just dropped the Monster Sale items down to 50% off, so it seemed like maybe I should just point them out again. Plus you can use coupon code FA78 for 15% off all orders!

I may have bought my son some shorts. For next year. And the year after. What? Stop looking at me like that.


  1. I haven’t bought a monster in a long time. this sounds like a deal.

  2. I am trying to shop at this sale (some cool stuff! great prices!) but the website is sooooooo sloooooooow that I’m about to give up. Must be popular!

  3. patience paid off… got some VERY cute shorts, swim trunks, a skort and a sundress for $18! thanks Mir!

  4. thanks! just got 10 items including 2 pairs of shoes for $34.29 including shipping! woo!

  5. Always a favorite. Especially for the price! Thanks for the heads up!!

  6. Oh, I’m going to have a cow! I got all this great stuff, and then…

    Please accept our apologies. Our internal credit card processing system is temporarily unavailable.

    The sound you hear is the sound of my head hitting the desk. 😉

  7. I think I (#6) am a different Jess than the one in #5. What are the odds?

  8. it IS super slow but I’m stocking up on great little baby shower gear! Thanks!!!!

    8 items (including the gift bag) for $26

  9. Sweetness. Got five tshirts/polos, two blue jeans, one pair of shorts, two sunglasses and a pair of flip flops for $36 with shipping and the 15% off code!

    Another working 15% off code is C28JHCYRD78…found at fatwallet.

  10. So……disappointed. Just got home and there is nothing left for size 4 boy……What a sale! Just wish I could have bought something.

  11. Thanks! 8 things, for $32 shipped! Can’t beat that w/ a stick!

  12. Two pairs of swim trunks (for next year), a pair of jeans, and two pairs of sneakers for $27 shipped!!! woooohooooo

  13. do you have any kohls 30% off codes for today? i am in desperate need of one. thanks.

  14. Yikes, things take forever to load on their site!

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