Is it getting steamy in here?

By Mir
July 17, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Oh, wait, that’s just the Dirt Devil Easy Steamer Carpet Cleaner at the great price of just $52.48 shipped. Perfect if you need something larger than a handheld, but something smaller than a professional-level behemoth you have to find a place to store.

Now what would make this positively steamy would be if you bought it and then your significant other cleaned the carpets for you. Rowr!


  1. I am SO tempted by this one…
    Does anyone have it? Is it a decent cleaner? Because for the price of two rentals, I can own my very own. And with two kids and a dog, I need to clean my carpets a lot.

  2. My exact thoughts, E!!

  3. I’m ordering this steam cleaner. With two children under four years of age, my carpet can look like a war zone in no time flat. 🙂 I go through Spot Shot at an alarming rate!

  4. I just ordered one. I couldn’t find a single review online, so I hope it’s good. I sure like the price! Thanks, Mir.

  5. I just ordered one, too! I did check Dirt Devil’s site though, and they had it listed at $159.99! What a steal!

  6. shows one person rating it 4/5 stars. I think I’m going to take the plunge, too! At least we’re all in it together. :>)

  7. There is a promotion going on now thru 7/21 where if you choose “Bill Me Later” as your payment option you get $10 off an Amazon purchase of $50 or more. You get a bill and have no finance charges if you pay the full balance right away. You have to wait until the final checkout page to enter the code though…BMLSAVES. For some reason it won’t take if you enter the code under the payment options.

    So I got mine for $42.48. 🙂

  8. Well, I figure, even if it only does an OK job, it’s doing something! And my carpets NEED it!

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