Nintendo Wii in stock!

By Mir
July 17, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Hurry hurry… want a Wii? It’s in stock at!

(My finger is hovering over the “buy” button. Decisions, decisions….)

[Edited to add: Ummm, if anyone wants to pass some game recommendations my way, let’s just say that I’m listening.]


  1. I highly recommend the Wii Fit if you can get your hands on it….

  2. I just bought my wii and my wii fit on the same day about 2 weeks ago and I LOVE the wii fit – soooo much fun! I called at Game Stop and they had just gotten one : )

  3. Mario Party 8 is a good one for families. My kid (age almost-six, admittedly) loves it.

  4. WiiFit is awesome. We also tend to play the WiiSports most of all. We picked up a WiiPlay which isn’t great game play, but gives you some games plus another controller.

    My husband loves Lego Star Wars and I highly recommend the Brunswick Bowling Game. And don’t say you don’t need the latter because you have Wii Sports — the Brunswick game lets you have league type nights, buy better shoes and balls and the release is MUCH better.

    Enjoy the Wii — it is FABU.

  5. Mario Cart!!!! It is one of the best games out and is really intuitive.

  6. My favorites are:

    *WarioWare Smooth Moves (its kinda stupid, but hilarious to watch if there are a lot of people playing!)
    *Wii Play (there is a cow racing game!! Who wouldn’t want to race a cow??!)
    *Guitar Hero
    *Wii Fit
    *Paper Mario (very addicting!)

    I haven’t tried mario cart, but really want to!

  7. Wii Sports is fun. We’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, MySims and Lego Star Wars. Marble Mania is fun but hard to find.

    Definitely get a second controller and nunchuk.

    We have a GameFly membership and it’s saved us from buying several games that turned out to be real stinkers.

  8. Get the charging station and batteries to go with your two controllers. I really did not like Mario Party (too slow and completely random luck games). We love Star Wars and Indiana Jones LEGO games. Wii FIT is also fun. We also love both Raving Rabbid games.

  9. The ones we all enjoy (and enjoy watching each other play) are:
    wii fit.
    warioware smooth moves (good for guests and parties)

    We really enjoyed Endless Ocean, but once we discovered the Big Mama Whale (forget her name) interest kinda faded away. It’s very relaxing, though, and not videogamey.

    The one we hardly use after the intitial new-toy period:
    Cooking mama.

  10. Rock Band, baby.

  11. Raving Rabbids!!! But the first one, not the sequel. Hilarious.

  12. Another vote for Rayman Raving Rabids. But I do reccomend the second one, strictly because more people can play, and you get to dress the bunnies!

    Also love Mario Cart, Rock Band, and SuperSmash Bros Brawl

  13. Guitar Hero. I practiced while my husband was at work so I could kick his butt.

  14. Mario Cart, Sonic and Mario’s Olympic Games and there’s a great pinball one, but I forget the name… hmm…
    be careful though, when you first start with the sports ones it’s easy to get sore shoulders and elbows. Lots of fun and laughs for all ages though. My 64 year old Dad loves bowling on the Wii.

  15. Did you know that you can go online through your wii and buy the old Nintendo and Sega games (like Super Mario Bros, Zelda, Sonic, etc) for around $5 each? I DID NOT. Until last weekend, that is. Let’s just say the hubby and I spend a ton of time playing “old skool” style…

  16. Wii Fit, Mario Land, Guitar Hero! So much fun!

  17. You posted at 1:02 and it is sold out at 3:24.. wonder how long it took?

  18. I can’t believe no one has mentioned Boom Blox…it is hands-down our favorite game for the wii. In fact since we got it, we really haven’t played anything else. Everyone from our 4yo to the grown-ups is completely hooked. 😉

  19. Dance, Dance Revolution– Hottest Party… that is fun and funny to watch.

    I have 4 girls (12, 9, 8,7) and a boy(6) who loves to play it. You can choose your level (3 different ones). Different female and male avatars.

    I think it helps with hand-foot-eye coordination, plus it’s not too easy. All ranges can play. It’s hilarious to watch.

    It comes with one mat and you can buy additional mats for $20.

    Oh, and it is a workout.

  20. the games that get played the most in our house are zelda: twilight princess, madden 08 (not by me!!) and guitar hero. mario universe is fun, but doesn’t get played. wii sports is great to have for when people come over and want to try the wii.

    so did you get one? is that what your edit means? sure hope so – it’s so much fun!

  21. Guitar Hero and Wii Ski. You need the Wii Fit balance board for Wii Ski.

  22. I have no recommendations because I mostly use it to babysit my children (thats only partly true. I have been sucked into Guitar Hero and Mario Galaxy and therefore won’t play at all lest I wake up to find myself old(er) and grey(er) and having the world passed my by). BUT I don want to say – Its about time! I believe you were contemplating this at Christmastime, weren’t you?

  23. Mario Cart is a blast and we absolutely love our Wii fit.

  24. I think you should buy Mario Cart so I can dream of someday kicking your ass at it in person. I girl has got to dream, you know.

  25. Raving Rabbids!!! super fun family game. shoot the rabbits with plungers!!!!! So much fun. We also love the boxing on the wii sports game that comes with the wii. Its the only time the kids are allowed to beat each other up!!!! Ummmm….and i love kicking my husbands butt!! is that bad????

  26. The most popular at my house are the Wii Fit, Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Mario Kart and, DH’s personal favorite, Link’s Crossbow trainer. The Wii Sports game that is included is also quite awesome as is Carnival Games. Skip Big Brain Academy. It is lame. Enjoy your Wii. We do.

  27. Right after we bought our Wii, we subscribed to some kind of rental membership at the local Blockbuster. To rent one Wii game is like $8, but you could get unlimited rentals, have 2 games out at a time for $32 per month.

    We did this for 2 months and rented dozens of games, just to try them out. It helped the kids not to spend money on games that they didn’t like. My daughter loved Cooking Mama, but managed to complete the whole game in just a few days.

    Overall, they play Lego Star Wars, Lego Indiana Jones, and Wii Sports the most. DH likes Blazing Angels. I like Wii Fit because I can rock that hula hoop.

    I’m really looking forward to trying Boom Blox and I’m glad to see someone up there recommend it!

    Congrats on your Wii! Now you’re one of the cool kids.

  28. I missed this one! (looking for one for my neice and nephew). My kids really like Carnival Games. It’s especially fun as a family game. My 4-year-old can play by herself and loves getting tickets and prizes.

  29. Count me a vote for Super Mario Galaxy and Playground. We got Playground for our son but it’s been my husband who sneaks off in the evenings to bet on the Sticker King. And ditto on the Fit and Super Paper Mario.

    However, as someone not of the current generation of gamers (read, >35) I find the “real” sports games have way too many stupid complicated ways of pressing buttons. The BIGS was not a hit with my baseball-loving husband. Who can play when they have to keep track of four buttons, wrist motion, AND acceleration? We love the baseball on the Wii sports. We’re wusses.

  30. Congrats, Mir! I love the bowling game that comes with the unit. My kids love the Mario Kart and Guitar Hero. I’m going to keep an eye on this list of suggestions, too, for Christmas ideas.

  31. Oh, and make sure you have two sets of controllers so two can play at a time – fun when you’re playing the baseball game that comes with it so you can have a pitcher and a hitter.

  32. We play Mario Kart as a family a lot! We also play RockBand, but I hear the Guitar Hero World Tour coming out in October will be a better version than what we got…wait for that.

  33. Our favorites are Mario Party 8, Mario Kart, Mario Galaxy, and we just purchased Wall-E which is pretty fun. Our friend had Rock Band and we are waiting to purchase around Christmas time but that deal at Kmart is tempting! My 5 year old son loves Spiderman Friend or Foe as well, you can change characters which he thinks is really cool. Our 3 year old loves Mario Kart she always comes in last but she thinks it’s hillarious. I’m dying to get a Wii Fit but we can’t find one- any tips on where they have them?

  34. For any of your readers who are still looking for a Wii at a good price ($249.99!!), you can sign up for text alerts from Amazon for when they get them in stock. It seems about once a week they come in, and fly back out, but if you’re quick, you can get one. Mine arrived in less than 24 hours!!

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