For the ladies

By Mir
July 22, 2008

(Whether I’m referring to the female readership here or your actual, ah, ladies, shall remain a mystery!)

Hey, guess what Hanes is doing? They’re offering all of their All Over Comfort brasicon for just $9.99 apiece on their website, for a limited time. Coupon code KIDSUW is still valid for free shipping on all orders, too, so maybe it’s time to throw away that bra that requires three safety pins just to stay up.

(Oh, don’t get mad. We’ve all had that bra. I understand, I do; but it’s time to throw it away.)


  1. Dare I admit it? I had an old bra that was repaired with duct tape.

  2. I’ve found the hanes stuff is typically cheaper at Walmart then on their website. The 9.99 bra is 9.88 at Walmart (yes I know not that big of a difference.)


    My diva husbands comfort waistband boxers on the other hand are $12 online and $7.00 at walmart. (and that’s regular price not on sale) Don’t think you can get them online tho only at the store.

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