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By Mir
July 22, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot! Save up to 90%
Hey, remember VistaPrint? The place where we all got free business cards back in the day? No? Well, they’re still at it—right now they’re doing a Summer Clearance Event wherein you can just pay shipping on all of the usual freebies (business cards, pens, return address labels), or pay drastically reduced rates for other items, like personalized notecards.

Really, I have no idea how this place stays in business. They can’t possibly be making any money. Oh, well. More cute, cheap stuff for us!


  1. Nice! I just bought a house! I just ordered a great address stamp!! Whoo hoo!

  2. I NEVER pay for anything from VistaPrint: only shipping (oh, and Christmas cards, but always cheap). Their personalized notepads, sticky notes, notecards and pens (all FREE!) make great birthday gifts for my daughters and their friends. Teachers got personalized stuff this year, too. I have a serious love affair going with VistaPrint.

  3. Am I crazy, or are there no notecards/notepads for free at the moment? I’m wanting to get some for my soon-to-be-married sister with her soon-to-be-new name on them, but can’t find any of the free ones…

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