My favorite! A sale on a sale!

By Mir
July 22, 2008

Today (Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008) at they’re doing my absolute favorite kind of sale—they’re giving you an extra 25% off the stuff that’s already reduced.

(I feel like it should be an old joke: What’s better than a sale? A sale on sale! Also, interrupting cow!) (Okay, if you didn’t get that, I think you don’t have kids….)

Spend $125+ and you’ll automatically get free shipping. Want even more savings? Use coupon code LIZNEW0608 for another 10% off.


  1. Moo!

  2. I feel compelled to say to things:

    1) Moo!


    2) I love sales! Sales are my favorite!

    (thank you, Will Ferrell)

  3. I made the mistake of teaching Interrupting Cow to my kids. Please rip my ears off…

  4. Okay, I have 6 kids and didn’t get the joke. I had to google it(what a nerd.) I will have to check with my kids and see if they know the joke, at least the older ones so I don’t have to hear it a billion times from the younger ones. Then again, I wonder how many times I would have to hear it before I wouldn’t laugh. It IS funny!

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