Pssst! Prime money!

By Mir
July 23, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Have you signed up for Amazon Prime, yet? If not, you’re in luck: Go sign up right now and in addition to all the great benefits of Prime (free 2-day shipping on nearly everything, regardless of order size), you’ll get a free month and a $10 certificate to use towards anything you like.

Don’t want to pay the $79 for a year of Prime? No problem—just cancel before your month is up, and you’ll have had a free month and the $10 certificate at no cost.


  1. We signed up for Amazon Prime after having a couple trial months. I really, really like it. Two day shipping on all that stuff, plus you don’t have to keep getting your order up to $25 for free shipping. You can order any little thing and it will get to you in two days! And their free shipping was taking forever. Given how much we order from them, it’s a good deal for us. I hope the rate doesn’t go up with the increases in gas prices!

  2. $10 credit AND free shipping for a month? That’s clearly better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. I’m buying anyway so this is a deal. Thanks for the “psssssttt” Mir!!

  3. How much do I love you? Let me count the ways…

    I had just bought two bike helmets on Amazon, and although I received free shipping they were telling me I’d receive the helmets in a MONTH! So, I canceled the order, signed up for Prime, and will now receive them in TWO DAYS! Hurray!

    The only problem is that I’m not seeing my applied $10 credit, even though the items were part of the Amazon store. Hmm… so I emailed them and am awaiting clarification.


  4. Oh thank you, thank you lovely beautiful wonderful Mir!

  5. Note they won’t let you use this offer if you’ve ever used Amazon Prime before, either as a paid member or trial user. Rats!

  6. You can add up to 4 other ‘household’ members for free. And hey, maybe your neighbor can be “like a niece” to you, for example…and split costs.

  7. Yea! Another prayer answered :). Last time I wanted a subscription to “Wondertime” and today I wanted to order “The Jesus Storybook Bible” for my daughter to start reading together.

    Well, thanks to YOU, I just purchased it for $1.55 and then promptly cancelled my Prime trial (otherwise, I’ll forget for sure, and I don’t buy enough to justify the $79 right now)

    Thanks! You’re so pretty 🙂

  8. At first I was skeptical about the $79, but we have had Prime for over a year now, and I LOVE it. Of course, we buy groceries, books, toys, gadgets- almost everything- from Amazon, so it’s worth it to us.

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