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By Mir
July 24, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

It’s not that the contests I run here on Want Not aren’t totally awesome, of course, because who doesn’t need a game or a DVD or the occasional higher-ticket item sent to them by a harried mother in Georgia? But it turns out that I didn’t exactly invent the contest thing, and some folks online are giving away bigger stuff than I can manage. Check ’em out:

Kimberly-Clark is offering the Rock Your School sweepstakes, wherein you stand to win 100,000 boxtops for your school (people! that’s $10,000!!) plus a school concert by Jordan Pruitt, Disney Radio star. If you’re a parent or legal guardian of a child in grades K-8 you can enter every day through September 15th, 2008. If you have a child in school, go enter!

How does a new car sound? Saturn cordially invites you to Kiss My Astra—no, really—and win your very own Astra. Just submit a photo of yourself kissing an Astra. I know, it’s wacky. But I’d do it for a car, wouldn’t you? (Hey, Saturn! Any time you want me to give away a car here on Want Not, let me know!)

Old Bay Seasoning is offering folks the chance to a $5000 backyard party, and I’m thinking that would be an awful lot of shrimp. Just sayin’.

Do you love author Brunonia Barry? Could you love her in exchange for a fabulous vacation? Sign up for her AuthorTracker and you could win a fabulous Salem, MA weekend getaway.

I love the smell of free stuff in the morning, don’t you?


  1. Kiss my Astra? That is so cool! I’m going to start saying that now. Not that I ever use the other version, cause I am a sweet delicate lady… yeah

  2. Ooooooh, what I wouldn’t do to a car for a free one!

    So, what do we do, go to a Saturn dealership and molest the Astra of our choice?

  3. LOLOL I just found your site and you’re hysterical. Err as a self proclaimed contest and sweepstakes junkie it cracks me up to see someone so innocent who doesn’t waste their life… I mean spend a goodly portion of their relaxed days entering like a lunatic. Trust me when I tell you those gc’s and a $25,000 trip to Disney with VIP treatment keep you hopeful.
    Hope you don’t mind but I am going to link to you so I remember to check your site out.
    Oh and I have a small giveaway going on (no car but it’s fun and good for this time of year) if you are interested.

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