Need some Tevas?

By Mir
July 28, 2008

I’m sorry, I feel like I’ve posted a million shoe deals lately, but really, can a person have too many pairs of shoes? I mean, when they’re fabulous shoes gotten on sale? I think not.

Anyway, I can’t figure out how to link directly for some reason, but if you hop on over to 6pm Shoes and do a search on “Teva,” you’ll find a vast array of Tevas marked down to $19.95.

$19.95 is about the most I’m willing to pay for a pair of shoes. What I want to know is who was paying the original prices for these things? ($79 for sport sandals? Really?)


  1. Thanks! Tevas are one of the “must have” shoes for my 3 year old and I just got next year’s pair at a great price! (Not that I’d ever pay more than $20 either…)

  2. Dude. I want FIVE!!

  3. Hey thanks, I just bought a pair I have always wanted them but not at the $60 plus price tag.

  4. Sweet deal on the Tevas–thanks! I’ve always refused to pay the original asking price for these things, too.

  5. Terrific! I just ordered a pair, thanks!

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