Think of it as time to shower

By Mir
July 28, 2008

I generally dislike kids’ DVDs which are essentially long commercials for this or that product, but I make an except when 1) the kids find them really captivating and 2) they’re free.

Go ahead and sign up for a free GeoTrax DVD and consider this: The time it gives you to shower, uninterrupted, may be worth the little bit of whining about which GeoTrax they need you to buy them, right now, please please please Mommy.


  1. Mir – thanks for that one! My boys have absolutely loved the free Planet Heroes DVDs you tipped us off about! Much to my surprise they have not once asked for the toys to go with them – hope that’s true for GeoTrax as well!

  2. Well, we already have GeoTrax so this is great for us. I’m sick of the one that came with the toys. You are looking fab today, Mir!

  3. I’ve never been one to shamelessly flatter someone but there is something about this blog that brings out the flattery! I think you’ve got a monster on your hands and I’m getting me a free dvd.

  4. Love it! Got the other one you told us about, too. Since each family member has a set spending limit, stuff like this will be from Santa!

  5. Awesome. I forsee a quiet shower in my future… Thanks, Mir!

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