Mmmmm. . . cheesecake

By Mir
July 30, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

In honor of their 30th anniversary, today (July 30th, 2008) The Cheesecake Factory is offering their delicious cheesecake at just $1.50/slice for all dine-in customers.

Get the new limited-edition chocolate cake cheesecake and a quarter from each slice sold goes directly to America’s Second Harvest to fight hunger, too. Why, it’s practically a humanitarian effort that you go have some cheesecake, today. Honest.



  1. Honestly, I’m with ya! For such a good cause, I might even feel the need to have 2 pieces!!

  2. Hey, that’s a good $5 or more off their regular prices–this is pretty much a mandatory stop today. Mmmm…think I’m going to have to go get a grilled shrimp & bacon club over there for lunch, which is the. best. sandwich. ever.

    Is it too early for lunch?

  3. Thanks for finding this! Today is my sister’s birthday, what a great (read:cheap) way to celebrate! Thanks as always!! I was so right to put you on my favorite blogs list!!!

  4. Dang, no Cheesecake Factory here, but I wish I had one. I love their sweet corn tamale cakes.

  5. Yum! We just moved away from our Cheesecake Factory but I am linking you for your great find!

  6. Seriously, I am in Los Angeles for business and there is a Cheesecake Factory directly across the street. Now, granted, it would be a company expense anyways, but at least this way I don’t feel bad about it!

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