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By Mir
August 6, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Stocking up your home theater library? Here’s a couple of deals to get you started:

Amazon has five pages of DVDs eligible for 3-for-$10, for starters. Plenty of them are movies you’d actually watch, too, as opposed to the sort of offer where you can get three movies for ten bucks, but the problem is that you’ve never heard of any of the titles included.

Then, for your Bob Dylan fans, check out the 2-disc collector’s edition of “I’m Not There”, a Dylan-inspired odyssey that stars a lot of famous people in a rather surrealist story. (This is the sort of movie I can’t stand. But to each their own; plus, if you’re a fan of Dylan, it’s probably of interest.)

Me, I’m going to stick to not having time to watch the movies I already have, rather than buying new ones that I don’t have time to watch. But you’re probably better at managing your time than I am.


  1. Thanks! I still had the $10 credit for signing up (then canceling auto renewal) of Amazon Prime. I (err…Santa) just picked up six gifts for Christmas.

  2. I’ve tried twice to get the 3/$10 movies and the price never changes, clear up to the last page before placing order. Anyone else have trouble?

  3. Dallimomma –

    You ahve to go all the way through the checkout, you will see the price change then.

  4. I still can’t get this to work. I have 6 movies in my cart, and it does DISCOUNT them on the last page, but not down to the 3/$10 price.

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