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By Mir
August 9, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Gooooood morning! Hey, did I sleep a little bit late today? I think I did. Phew, man—two days of school (and getting up at 6) really took it out of me. Could someone peel me a grape or something?

Jus’ kidding. Let’s get some deals going for today.

As many of you pretty people noted, due to the site difficulties yesterday at, they’ve extended their first-ever 80% off promotion to last through the weekend. Simply use coupon code FIRST to take 80% off your order, netting you $25 worth of fine dining for just $2.

Have room to stock up on the one item everyone always needs? That’s right, if you have the space and the money, you should hop on over to Office Depot and put three cases of Marcal recycled toilet tissueicon into your cart (300 sheets per roll, 48 rolls per case), then use coupon code 045333599 to take $20 off of $75+, and you’ll be paying $59.47 + tax for 144 rolls of toilet tissue. That’s under $.50/roll, and a loooooong time until you’ll need to buy it again. (Yes, you can use the coupon on other stuff. If you must.)

I’ve had my eye on this bundle for a while, because I really need a new toaster oven. And surely I could find something to do with the grill, right?

Shopping at Shop more, save more: Take $25 off your $75+ order, $50 off your $150+ order, or $75 off your $225+ order! (Codes available through that there link.)

Over at The Children’s Place, the Monster Sale is now featuring items for as low as $2.99. Don’t forget to use coupon code FA78 for 15% off all orders, too.

And all weekend long at Overstock, take $10 off your $150+ order through that there link.

Did you miss out on the last free shipping code at Lands’ End? Hey, it happens. Don’t worry—now you can use coupon code LUNCHBOX with PIN 2621 through August 12th, 2008, to ship your order for free.

Don’t forget to check back later today for a chance to win something wild—another contest is coming right up!


  1. i don’t see where the coupon code is for the 80% off promotion also i still can’t get thru

  2. OMG, I think I love you! I soooooooooo need a new bra! Or three! And I’ve owned Cacique bras before, so I know I love them! Thanks, Mir!

  3. Took me almost 3 hours, but I got myself some of those, awesome!

    I hope the recycled toilet tissue was something ELSE in its former life. :-b

  4. Thank you! I just got toddler pajamas for less than $11 for my kids at children’s place – I’ve been looking for sale pajamas online for weeks!

  5. Thanks, pretty Mir!! I was able to get some goodies at the Monster sale. I got shirts, shorts, and jammies for $1.50, and some pants for 6 bucks! WOOHOO…thanks a bunch “_

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