Go on Safari, right from home

By Mir
August 11, 2008
Category Contests

Hey, remember on Saturday when I promised a contest later in the day? I’m still catching up on things, and by “catching up on things” I of course mean “I was completely sucked into the Olympics and various things around the house here.” Whoops! Sorry about that. Okay! So here’s what we’re going to do: A quick contest, just for today.

Do you love little baby animals? Seriously, what are you, a monster? Of course you love little baby animals! And probably your kids do, too, which is why you can always rest easy knowing that a nature DVD is just as likely to hold their attention as a cartoon. The newly-released Growing Up Safari is nearly three hours of Animal Planet goodness, featuring animal babies being raised with the help of human caregivers. So cute! So cuddly! And so educational, you won’t feel guilty checking your email!

I have five copies of Growing Up Safari to give away, and we’re going to make this a speedy little contest. To enter to win leave a comment on this post by 3:00 p.m. Eastern (noon Pacific) today (Monday, August 11th, 2008). This is a much shorter contest than usual, I realize, and I’ll be curious to see how many entries we can get in the shorter period of time. So don’t delay!

Winners to be determined by random number generation and survival instinct. Or something. Go!


  1. Oh, goodness, that IS a quick one, good thing I try to check every morning!

  2. I just want to say, I love your site. This DVD sounds great for the kids!!

  3. Wonderful way to start the morning! Count me in!

  4. I. too, am curious to see how many entries you’ll get. I’m betting it’s still quite high!

  5. We would love it!

  6. Count us in, please!

    Thank you!

  7. We’d love it!

    I bet the number of entries will still get quite high.

  8. I’m so in on this one!!

  9. I love baby animals. Well, except when I eat veal.

    But still, I love baby animals.

  10. that would be awesome! maybe they would stop making me watch camp rock on the dvr for a few days.

  11. Oooh we’d love this!

  12. We’re all about baby animals here. And this beats getting a real live baby animal at the moment.

  13. My nieces will LOVE this!

  14. My daughter would LOVE this, thanks Mir!

  15. We’re addicted to the Growing Up series here – they are really good!

  16. Pick me!!!

  17. OOOhhhh, I would love this DVD! Thanks, Mir!

  18. Would love to win this for my daughters….glad i check your site every morning !

  19. We LOVE animal planet! We would love this! Thanks so much for the chance 🙂

  20. Oh random number generator, please pick me!

  21. Pretty please???? (:

  22. Cute! My kid would love that!
    And a short contest, gotta love that.

    Thanks Mir!

  23. Pick me! Pick Me!

  24. My daughter and grandson will love this

  25. I’ll help raise the count. You are welcome.

  26. Please count me in too! My kids would love this, based on their reactions to the zoo on Saturday.

  27. OOoh, my daughter and soon-to-be stay-at-home-husband would love this!

  28. I would love one!

  29. I’m in! Thanks, Mir!

  30. I would love this!

  31. This would be great for a Christmas gift.

  32. Add us in!

  33. Yeah, count me in too. My 9 y.o. son would love this in his Christmas stocking!

  34. Sounds good to me!

  35. squee!

  36. cute and cuddly, love it!

  37. We would love this! 🙂

  38. Very cute!

  39. Pick me!

  40. I would love to win this!!!!

  41. Ooohh – could be interesting.

  42. Animal Planet = awesome.

  43. My daughter would just go CRAZY to have this. She wants to be Bindi Irwin when she grows up. 😉

  44. I love animal planet!

  45. AWWWW, baby animals rock!

  46. Yay! School starts today and this could be perfect in my classroom!

  47. Pick me, pick me!


  48. Baby animals are all the rage around here!

  49. I can’t imagine anything cuter than hours of animal babies! My nephews would LOVE it!

  50. When Mir says to enter a contest, I enter a contest.

  51. Please enter me. My son would love this.

  52. awwwwwwwww, 3 hours of peace……PRICELESS

  53. My daughter would love this.

  54. My toddler is ALL about animals. Except the real life cows on our farm – those are a little scary to her yet.

  55. Sounds adorable.

  56. Would love it!

  57. Cool.

  58. Thanks Mir. I do love the baby animals…

  59. gotta love those cute critters esp if they are not our pets

  60. Love your contests, even the short and sweet ones!

  61. We would love this at our house!

  62. Oh, cute! Thanks Mir.

  63. count me in.

  64. My sons would love watching the baby animals!

  65. This sounds like a great DVD! Thanks for another great contest!

  66. Boy would my kids love this! Thanks for a great contest!

  67. Cool! Pick me!

  68. I’m in!

  69. My kids would love this. Thanks for the contest!

  70. Yes, how delightful! And thanks to you for this opportunity!

  71. My daughter would love to own this

  72. i dont careabout that…i just want to win.

  73. This would be great!

  74. Ohhhh… We love Animal Planet!

  75. Good morning…pick me!

  76. I love the ramdom number generator and baby animals.

  77. Not having much survival instinct, I have to hope the randomness incluces me.

  78. My daughter would lose her everlovin’ mind – she hasn’t met an animal she doesn’t like. Seriously. At one of her camps this summer, they brought out a 7-foot albino snake, and she lit up and clapped, saying, “Oh boy! A snake!” Heaven help me…

  79. We LOVE baby animals here….just wish the kids would quit bringing home every stray one they find!

  80. We love baby animals around our house – just not baby armadillos, thank you!

  81. This would be great for work!

  82. I used to BE a baby animal.

  83. This sounds great!! 🙂

  84. Animal Planet rocks.

  85. My daughter would love this!!

  86. Count me in, please!

  87. Another excellent giveaway.

  88. Count me in! 🙂

  89. My grandbaby would LOVE this…and what’s NOT to love about baby animals???

  90. Throw my name in the hat! Winning a great contest is just what I need to start this crazy week off right! Let’s hear it for baby animals!

  91. My kids would love this. Count me in.

  92. Aww how can you not love baby animals?!

  93. me, me, me, me, me! 🙂

  94. This may just help with the parenting of my girl child/animal!

  95. me! me!

  96. me! me!

  97. I love me some baby animals! Thanks Mir!

  98. All kids love animals–so I know mine would enjoy it too!

  99. Now that would be handy. (=

  100. Pick me pick me! 🙂

  101. Woo hoo!

  102. Sounds great – count me in!

  103. Pick me!

  104. My girls would love that. Thanks!

  105. Oh, yes, my class would love these – if I can pull it away from my daughter the animal lover!

  106. Those sound adorable!

  107. My girls would love this!

  108. I am just days away from maternity leave with a 3 year-old to boot, this would be an excellent distraction.

  109. My daughter loves animals — I love your site!

  110. My two would love this (and probably ask for more!)

  111. That would be as valuable as GOLD in my house! Thanks for the chance to win, Mir!

  112. Thanks Mir!

  113. My daughter loves animals and would love this prize!

  114. My sons would love this!

  115. pick me – my two little ones will love this!

  116. Educational you say? Sounds great for the days when we “forget” to do science. Good prize!

  117. Oh man I love the “Growing up…” shows!

  118. We loves us some baby animals!

  119. Yes please!

  120. Yes please!

  121. Yes, please, animal babies are irresistable.

  122. We’re in – too bad I can’t squeeze those babies through the TV 🙂

  123. Please count me in… this would be great for my son! And thank you for the contest!!!

  124. Who wouldn’t love this? Count me in! Thanks.

  125. Would love to win this one!!!

  126. Mama Llama believes this would be good for my little monkeys…! Thank you!

  127. My daughter loves Animal Planet and would go apes over this DVD!

  128. me! Please!

  129. We’ve not watched very much animal planet but what we have seen is awesome!

  130. Yum, baby animals.

  131. We are an animal lovin’ family!

  132. I hope I get this. We are homeschooling and it would be fun to watch together. Thanks!

  133. Baby Animals? To quote my kids: “Awwwwww!”

  134. Baby animals always get a “So Cuuute” from my daughter. Thanks for the giveaway!

  135. How fun! Our baby son is from Ethiopia and our older girls are fascinated with all things Africa. Me too!

  136. We are all about baby animals in our house!

  137. Like everyone else here, I have a 5 yr old animal freak! Would love a chance at this contest!!

  138. I’m feeling pretty lucky today.

  139. sounds good.

  140. Pick me! Pick me! (btw, have any deals on a new DVD player?)

  141. If my kids don’t love it, I bet the puppy will!

  142. C’mon random number generator

  143. oooh SAFARI!

  144. Love it! Would be perfect for a day like today when it is pouring and kids are sick with colds and I am trapped!

  145. I KNOW my son would love this one!

  146. Looks great!

  147. Would love this.

  148. Would love this.

  149. Perfect for us!!

  150. Love the instant gratification of quick contests! 🙂

  151. My son would LOVE this!

  152. My grandkids would love this. Thanks.

  153. My grandkids will love this too.

  154. I’m in! sprinkling pixie dust on pretty random number generator…

  155. My daughter wants to be a veterinarian, or a zoologist, or an animal rescue officer, or have an animal adoption center…you get the point!

  156. I’ve been a long time reader, but this is the first time I’ve posted a comment. I love your site, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for mine to be one of the lucky numbers!

  157. Woo-hoo! Love your site, love animals, LOVE contests!

  158. Oh, we love BABY animals. This would keep my kids busy for three hours!

  159. Baby Animals. Yay!

  160. Mee! Meeeee! Hope I win! Hahaha on the chumps who don’t check before 3 today!

  161. Yes, please!! Pick me!

  162. Why, I would love a copy of this!! Pick me random number generator 🙂

  163. Count me in!!

  164. Ooh! We don’t have tv, so my kids would LOVE a nature DVD!

  165. OOOOh, my kid would LOVE THIS!!!! please pick me random number generator!!!!!!! please?

  166. My 4 year old daughter wants to be a zookeeper or an animal doctor. Or a PowerRanger. Maybe they help animals, too? Thanks!

  167. yes, please! I’d love a copy for my own animal babies!

  168. I would love to watch a movie that isn’t Cars! Thanks!

  169. I’m in!

  170. Fun! I would love to win a copy of this. Who doesn’t love baby animals and Animal Planet.

  171. Count us in!

  172. Cool contest! Thanks!

  173. what a great prize.

  174. This would be great for us!

  175. Oh the kiddos would love this!!!

  176. that would be great!

  177. Baby animals are always fun! Thanks!

  178. I’m a regular visitor to KittenWar.com – love the babies!

  179. Perfect for my niece!

  180. My daughter loves animals!

  181. We’ve been watching the Planet Earth series – this would be a great one to put in next! Thanks.

  182. I raise baby animals (aka the children)…I would love this DVD!!! So would the kids!

  183. Ooh a quickie! I love it!

  184. I’m in.

  185. My daughter would love this, I’m in!

  186. Yay! I’m in!

  187. Babies!

  188. Would love to win this for my granddaughter. She wants to be a vet and eventually work at Sea World training the dolphins. She would be so tickled to have the vidio and see all the animal babies!

  189. My clan would love to add this to our collection of DVD’s! I’m all about more time to check my e-mail!

  190. Playing to win!

  191. I’m always looking for good videos for my girls.

  192. my babies would love seeing these babies!

  193. My son loves animals and would love this!

  194. Mir: You are so pretty!

  195. would love to win

  196. count me in please 🙂

  197. Quick works for me!

  198. I love baby animals and so do my kids!

  199. I’m in the market for some new DVDs for a LONG road trip this fall. Sign me up!

    P.S. This is my lucky number

  200. We love animals at my house!

  201. looks like Monday is still a big day…

  202. Ahh..short contest. How I love instant gratification!

  203. My babies love animal babies! 🙂

  204. Hooray for babies!

  205. cute baby animals cannot be beat!

  206. Would love one!

  207. Cute baby animals are always fun to watch. Pick me!!!

  208. cute baby animals! not the kind that the parents eat their young, right? ok

  209. My little nature lover would love this!

  210. Definitely need this! Animal Planet rocks!!

  211. crossing my fingers!

  212. Count me in!

  213. I’m in!

  214. Oh, my little girl would love this!

  215. My 4 year old would love this!

  216. i love animals! pick me

  217. Ooh! I have a 2 year old who would LOVE this! 🙂
    Pick me!

  218. That DVD sounds very cool…thanks!

  219. Oh, oh :::raising hand like a school girl::: my kids would LOVE this!

    Random number generator, please pick me!

    Thanks for the fun giveaways, Mir! :oD

  220. We have always referred to my daughter as “animal girl”. She does not play with dolls, ever. It’s always an animal.

  221. Cuddly baby animals! My niece would love this (and it would hopefully stop her from terrorizing my cat)!

  222. My nieces would adore this. 🙂 Great contest!

  223. My daughter adores nature. Please choose me.

  224. Oh, contest fun on a Moanday!
    Thanks for the opportunity, pretty Mir!

  225. Sounds like a fun (and safe) DVD for the kiddos! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  226. This would make a great gift, thanks Mir!

  227. Wow, lots of entries already! My daughter (and me too!) would love this!

  228. I’m in too!

  229. Baby animals! I love it!

  230. I love me some baby animals!

  231. That would be so great to win!

  232. I LOVE animals – so much that I was a zookeeper for three years! I’d love to win. 🙂

  233. Awesome contest! And I like that it’s short. Keep us on our toes, Mir!

    This DVD will be the perfect thing for keeping my almost five-year-old occupied during the chaos of packing/cleaning/staging our house. Oh, pretty please, I would love to win this contest!

  234. I was soooo hopeful when I saw the quick deadline. Finally!, I thought. I will have a chance against my nemisis, Random Number Generator! Alas, there are already A LOT of entries! Bwah!

  235. We love baby animals at our house. Thanks, Mir!

  236. We in the Scrambled Eggs household love baby animals.

  237. Please include me in the contest. Thx

  238. Oh, we LOVE Growing Up! It is the greatest show ever according to my 6 year old (wow, he is SIX now! 🙂

  239. Just what we could use – more animals around the house! Oh, wait – those are my kids. They’re just ACTING like animals today…

  240. i am not the bettin’ type, but I bet you get tons of entries!

  241. Please include us!!! Thanks!

  242. Baby animals!

  243. my kids would love a copy of this DVD!!! Thanks!

  244. Whew! Just getting this one in!
    fingers crossed!

  245. Baby animals are the best way to start a workweek!

  246. Baby animals? Of course I’m in.

  247. I’m in – it’d be a great Christmas present!

  248. Random # site please pick me!

  249. Oh man! Good for the road trip we’re taking!

  250. I love a good baby animal! 🙂

  251. Ooh Ooh!!!

  252. We love animal planet!!

  253. still 1,000,000 entries. 🙂 you’re too popular for your own good, mir.

    i’d love a chance to win this – sounds like the perfect thing for visiting nieces and nephews. or me.

  254. Baby animals! What’s not to love? Pick me please random generator. =)

  255. Whew! Just got the kiddos down for a nap and glad I checked on ya! Pick me! Thanks!

  256. I could use a new book for my soon to be 3 year old boys. (twins) Thanks!

  257. My kids would love this! Thanks for the chance.

  258. I don’t know what time it is there, but I think I am making iot by the skin of my teeth:)

  259. My 2 year old LOVES animals! Count me in!

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