Don’t show this to my son

By Mir
August 13, 2008

Granted, there’s probably not a kid left in the world who doesn’t own a Nintendo DS, but just in case….

Nintendo is releasing the Nintendo DS Limited Edition Pokemon Pack on August 17th, and if you pre-order it from Amazon for $129.99 you can potentially save $20 with coupon BMLGAMES and their Bill Me Later service. (Psssst! Don’t really want to be billed later? Buy yourself $110 worth of gift certificates, first, then sign up for BML and choose it as your payment method, but apply your gift certificates towards your purchase. The coupon will work, and you’ll pay the balance.)

This isn’t an inexpensive item, but if you were considering a DS for Christmas and/or if your kid is a Pokemon nut, this is a decent way to get your hands on the special edition and save a few bucks, too.


  1. My son is one of the few who don’t have one. He inherited my daughter’s old Gameboy Advance when she got her DS. And he is a Pokemon freak. Hmmmmm…..

  2. My daughter doesn’t have one – but she does have THREE of the Gameboy Color units that have been passed down to her by various folks. In fact, the other day she asked my sister, “If my parents know I want a Nintendo DS so bad, why don’t they just buy me one?”

    Did I mention she’s six years old?

  3. We’re planning to get Red one for Christmas. We had thought about getting it for her for her birthday (in two weeks) but decided to wait until Christmas since there are other things she wants that are more useful now…like a new scooter and Heelys.

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