This Friday, I deserve a prize

By Mir
August 15, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

My kids have officially completed a week of school, and no one’s lost an eye (yet). I think I deserve something pretty from this week’s Amazon Friday Sale, don’t you?

Maybe I’ll finally get that fancy compost container I’ve been wanting. Yes, I’m a fancy gal. (And I know it’s frivolous. That’s the point.)

Still need cookware? Check out this KitchenAid set for $129.99 or this Calphalon set for $149.99. (Ooooh, the Calphalon 12-quart stockpot is on sale, too.)

Y’know, I’m sure that this ice cream maker is fabulous and all, but if it’s a “bargain” at $499 I still submit that eating gold leaf would be cheaper. Just sayin’.

I know what they were going for, but I still think that calling it the Biggest Loser scale is kind of a bad marketing move. I know, I know; it comes with a workout DVD! I know. Still. Maybe it’s just me.

Wow… it turns out that there just aren’t all that many things in the sale today catching my eye. I suppose I could drown my sorrows in the Friday Five, because an entire album for $5 is still a great deal. Let’s see. Amy Winehouse? Ummm…. Oh! Graceland! That’s better. (Yes, I’m old. Hush.)

I hope you’re all having a great Friday!


  1. Maybe I’m old, too. But Graceland is one of the best albums ever made. Period. Youngins’, go download it.

  2. I’m no spring chicken, either, and I beg you…don’t let the media hype over Amy Winehouse turn you off to her music. She is beyond amazing.

  3. For $500, I want an ice cream maker that will also do my grocery shopping. And clean the kitchen.

  4. Why is it that I can never find the link to the Amazon Friday sale on the main page?

  5. Thanks Mir….I seem to have ‘misplaced’ my Graceland CD and miss it…Now I have it on my iPod for $5! You ROCK!

  6. Funny. Graceland was the only CD that my husband and I both had when we merged our collections. And now? Couldn’t tell you where either copy is.

  7. I laugh every time I see that fancy compost holder. I use an old ice cream bucket next to the sink. When it gets too grungy, I throw it away and start a new one.

  8. I have that ice cream maker and I have to warn you that it singlehandedly caused me to gain ten pounds the first summer I got it.

  9. Hey Mir!

    It appears that Amazon is now doing an MP3 album deal per day — check out the “MP3 Daily Deal” in the upper left-hand corner of the MP3 special deals page. Cool!

    and of course, I was nowhere near a computer on Friday, and it sounds like there were at least two albums I would have grabbed. sigh.

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