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By Mir
August 16, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Goooood morning! If you have the need to bargain shop, this weekend, I’ve got you covered.

Right now there’s a big Amazon grocery clearance event going on; use coupon code AUGMKDWN at checkout for 40% off already-reduced prices on thousands of items. This is the time to stock up on staples! (Yes, it’ll take a while to go through all the choices, but the savings are worth it.)

This weekend at Overstock, take 10% off office chairs through that link, or take 10% off all memory foam through that link. $1 shipping all weekend, too.

Over at Domestications, take 20% off any single item with coupon code D8X20ITEMA, all weekend long.

Macy’s is having a one-day sale, today. Unusual, I know.

All weekend long, VistaPrint is offering 50% – 80% off lots of popular items.

It’s Family and Friends Sale time at! Just use coupon code 000409308 all weekend long to save 40% on your entire purchase.

Feel free to buy me something pretty—it’s my birthdy tomorrow. (Just kidding.) (Well, it is my birthday tomorrow, but you don’t have to get me anything.) (Unless you really want to.) (Kidding!)


  1. I’ll give you an e-hug: ((())) (is that how they go?)


  2. Thanks, Mir. I just got my return address labels for holiday cards! Love to plan ahead. You are so pretty!

  3. Well, happy birthday! I hope it’s a great one!

  4. Happy Happy Birthday to you!

    (Sorry, Sprout was on this morning)

  5. Happy birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, a whole ‘nother year happier. Where does the time go? (There are *plenty* of good hiding spots at my house. But I’m *sure* things are different at yours. Right?)

  6. Just a note that Texas is having their tax-free shopping weekend to stock up for school (or yourself, whichever you need!). Not sure if other states are doing it now or not…..

  7. It was my birthday yesterday! Happy Birthday to YOU. 🙂

  8. Happy Birthday to you!
    Thanks for all these money saving tips.

  9. First off, Happy Birthday. I really enjoy Want Not and hope it is around forever. I went to Amazon and looked through the thousands of grocery items. After I filled my shopping cart it said that the code I had was not applicable. I don’t know what happened. Oh well.

  10. The code did not work for me either- it only gave me $6.00 off my almost $120. order of eligible items. I am going to try it again a little later to see it they have fixed the glitch, because it would be an awesome deal if it worked!

  11. Oh– and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mir. I wish I could give you a gift, because you give them so freely to all of us! 🙂

  12. I also looked through 1000’s of items, only to get $8 off afairly large order. I’ll try back later to see if this gets fixed.
    In the meantime Happy Birthday, Mir. May you have an amazing, happy year to come, full of lots of shiny things.

  13. Here’s my birthday soooooooong, it isn’t very looooong.

    Happy birthday!

  14. Same thing happened to me – I could only get the discount on a few items. I found it only worked on the ones on the front page of the sale, but not on anything else. Very disappointing!

  15. Happiest of days to you tomorrow!

  16. Happy birthday, Mir! I hope you enjoy YOUR day (if you get to have a day for yourself, even on your b-day). Thanks for bringing us the deals and savings and scouting out good buys for us.


  17. I no longer like Amazon. We had a large order, only got about 10% off. My husband spent more than 30 minutes on the phone only to be told that not all the items listed are eligible and we should add items one by one. How stupid.

  18. Final word: Amazon marketing depart put ineligible items in the listing. Problem will take up to 2 days to fix.

    And—happy birthday, Mir.

  19. Happy Birthday!!

  20. Happy Birthday Mir!

  21. Happy Birthday!

  22. Happy Birthday! I went to Lane Bryant today and walked out with $52 spent (got 2 pair of shorts 1 pair of capris and three tops) plus in store they are giving you 1 real woman dollar for every dollar you spend. So I spent $52 and got $50 real woman dollars to spend in a couple weeks. yeah.

  23. Happy Birthday!

  24. Happy Birthday!

  25. “Up to 2 days to fix”… does that mean we should go ahead and place our orders without the correct discount and Amazon will raise the discount to 40% in two days? or does that mean we should wait up to two days and see that the discount is fixed before placing the orders? Anybody know?

  26. I just tried it this morning (Monday), and it worked for all items in my order–not just the first page. They must have the problem fixed now.

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