It’s positively Pulsonic

By Mir
August 18, 2008
Category Contests

Long ago and far away, I had a dreadful dentist appointment where my sensitive teeth and I were put through the (figurative) wringer, and in a fit of dentalphobia, I stopped going to the dentist. For, ummm… well, the number of years is unimportant. Ahem.

When I resumed (with a different, kinder, dentist), I was told to get myself a fancy sonic toothbrush for maximum dental health. And I shopped around and bought myself something and used it for many years, but these days I find myself going for my regular toothbrush more often than not, because my sonic toothbrush feels big and bulky and sometimes it hurts my sensitive teeth.

So perhaps you’ll understand when I say that I have a big ol’ crush on the new Oral-B Pulsonic Toothbrush; it’s the slimmest, lightest model they’ve ever made, but it boasts over 27,000 vibrations per minute. It not only has a 2-minute timer (and beeps every 30 seconds to facilitate equal cleaning for all four quadrants of your mouth), it has a “sensitive” mode, too. For sensitive people. Like me.

You can’t buy this baby in the stores until September 10th, but guess what! One lucky Want Not reader is going to win one—pocketing it ahead of the rest of the world, along with the $69.99 it would’ve cost.

Want it? For a chance to win, simply leave a comment on this post by 3:00 p.m. Eastern (noon Pacific) on Wednesday, August 20th, 2008. One entry per person, valid email address required, minty fresh breath recommended. Winner to be determined by random number generation and flossing technique.

Ready? Go!


  1. I need a better toothbrush. I just went to the dentist last week and have 2 cavities. This would help!

  2. I’m ready! Sounds like the gold medal of toothbrushing!

  3. Me please, pretty pretty Mir!

  4. I’m ready for a new sonic toothbrush! I had one several years ago and used it until it finally died – it’s time for a new one!

  5. In the same exact state of affairs-why oh why did I stop going to the dentist. My flossing technique is pretty simple. Using Oral B waxed floss I gracefully wind what feels like 1 inch rope through my teeth and when I’m all done you would think I could use the floss to mend little red riding hoods cape-if you catch my drift. A good dentist is a boon companion, a treasure hard to find.

  6. I’m in!

  7. 27000 vpm? If I win I’ll never leave the house! πŸ™‚

  8. Now my pearly whites may be really pearly white.

  9. Add me!!

  10. This would make my dentist so happy! Not to mention my teeth.

  11. Pretty, clean teeth.

    Wheeee! Pick meeeee!

  12. My funky mouth could really go for this snazzy toothbrush.

    Yeh, we won’t talk about how long it’s been since my last visit to the dental torture chamber.

  13. Teeth rule…couldn’t live without them!

  14. Pick me! Pick Me! Maybe this will make my first visit to the dentist, in a long, long time,less painful.

  15. Sounds like the fanciest toothbrush known to mankind.
    I would love to own it πŸ™‚

  16. I, too, could love this toothbrush! I like the timer as I tend to skimp on the time I brush (like taking a full 2 minutes are really going to make a difference in my day). this would sufficiently guilt me into it!

  17. Sounds like a great toothbrush and since I would like to keep all my teeth, put my name in please.

  18. I finally went back to the dentist last week, after a 3+ year hiatus. Surprisingly, I only had 1 cavity! I’m sure this toothbrush will help my (also sensitive) teeth survive until I finally break down and go again….

  19. Oh this would be so great!

  20. I have to admit – I love the dentist… I love the clean feeling when they are all done. I would love to have a toothbrush that gave me that clean feeling all on my own.

  21. Well, I’d have minty fresh breath if I had this toothbrush! Count me in.

    But my daughter and I were at the dentist on Friday, and they liked my flossing technique. Hers, not so much. 2 cavities. Hey, maybe I’d give this to her, and a high tech toothbrush would help?

  22. AS someone who is also afraid of the dentist, I say that I need this!

  23. Ohhh….me me me….please!

  24. Awesome! Count me in, please!

  25. Pick me! I’m not a good brusher and could use the timer!

  26. Please Pick ME!

  27. I would love to win such a fancy smancy tooth brush!
    you and your random number generator are so pretty. πŸ˜‰

  28. Awesome! I would love to win this. I hate going to the dentist. It seems almost every single time they find at least one cavity. Grr…

  29. Please me, I want it

  30. Woot! What lucky timing I had coming over here today (after I’ve failed to keep up to date with this one, though I read your other first thing every morning). I just moved back to a reg. toothbruth too, for the same reasons. Of course this one sounds awesome!

  31. AAAwwwww,pick me, don’t “brush” me off! I really need a new super sonic, super duper, super cleaner for my teefs.
    (Love your site by the way, you’ve saved me lots of muney and tyme)

  32. Oh, my sensitive teeth would love one! Thanks Mir!

  33. Oh, yes!

  34. Pretty, pretty Mir, I know I’ve said this before, but I really NEED this one. You have no idea the depths of my dentist phobia. And there are flossing techniques? I thought everybody just flossed the week before a dentist appointment?

  35. I’d love to give this a try!

  36. I love that it has a sensitive teeth setting and that it’s more compact.

  37. Please enter me!

  38. My sensitive and I would love this!

  39. Me and my super sensitive teeth need this!

  40. Mir, this is great! My teeth are not sensitive, but I am! πŸ˜‰
    (Seriously, I cry at cotton commercials.)

  41. I’m in!

  42. I hope I finally win.

  43. OH me me me!!!

  44. I’m a dental Luddite, still using my good ol’ fashioned manual toothbrush. Gosh, I hope I win this. If I didn’t have to scrub the plaque from my teeth so vigorously every morning, I might have more energy for flossing…LOL!


  45. Cool! Thanks for another great giveaway!

  46. Oh yes! My old SoniCare is in need of replacing!

  47. I love oral b!!

  48. my sensitive teeth would love this!

  49. my sensitive teeth would love this!

  50. I’ve never had anything but a manual toothbrush!

  51. I’d love to try this out, thanks Mir!

  52. Wintergreen minty fresh breath!

  53. I would love to win one of these – I am afraid to go to the dentist at this point.

  54. Sensitive and pretty…? And you give stuff away for FREE? I do love you, Mir!

    Hey, why don’t you send that fancy toothbrush to me to help keep my pearly whites sparkly! I’ll give it a nice home. Promise.

  55. Minty fresh here I come!

  56. I have the little cheapy electric toothbrush. I would love to see what the real deal is like.


  57. Can’t wait for minty, fresh breath! : )

  58. I would love to try this!!Thanks!!

  59. OHMYGOD, I would be so excited to get this. And, you would totally make my dentist so happy!

  60. Yah! Thanks for the great giveaway

  61. Thanks for the awesome free offer! I would love to try this toothbrush.

  62. My 9-year-old with her dental appliance needs this badly. Pretty, please, pretty Mir??? (and you too, random number generator).

  63. I would LOVE to win this one!

  64. Would love this for my son! You’re so pretty, number generator! (does kissing up like that work?) πŸ™‚

  65. My dentist-phobic teeth would totally appreciate one of these!

  66. My teeth aren’t sensitive…but they could be cleaner.

  67. I would love to get this…and my dentist would love for me to get this. Although then I would probably have to buy one for my husband too.

  68. yay! what a great contest πŸ™‚

  69. Oh me, please!!

  70. pick me!!

  71. oh man, would I love to have one of these! thanks Mir. and oh, hey – your shoes are really pretty.

  72. Oh pick me! My friend got an electric toothbrush and says she can’t go back to a regular one, she loves the way her teeth feel with the electric one. What a great give-away!

  73. Count me and my rotten teeth in!

  74. Sounds great – count me in!

  75. Whoo hoo!!! I would love this

  76. that would rule!

  77. please, I have sensitive teeth too. pick me, pick me and my oh so sorry teeth

  78. Not only do you take care of my wallet but my teeth too. You Rock!

  79. would love it

  80. Oh, I would looooove this. Thanks!

  81. Ooo! My battery operated Braun just died a (non-battery related) premature death. This sounds like just the thing to keep my teeth healthy and pretty!

  82. Wow that is nice! I’m in a bit of shock by how small the handle is.

  83. Please?!?

  84. I don’t know if there is anything better than the feeling of freshly clean teeth … well maybe the feeling of putting on a pair of brand new too cute pair of shoes … but still most days, I’d take the super clean teeth πŸ™‚

  85. oh wow! cool. this is the number you want oh number generator!

  86. oh glory. the teeth weep. merci.

  87. Oh I want one please!!!

  88. Oooo… lovely!! I’d love to try this! Thanks!

  89. Oooh, oooh, ooh, pick me!

    (What is it about all these pretty, pretty contests that turns me into a 7-yr-old girl with the gimme-gimmes?)

    Ahem. May I please have it, Miss Random Number Generator?

    There. Much better.

  90. Thank you!!!

  91. Oh please please please let it be me. Please!!!

  92. I went to the dentist recently & was told that I need one of those special super sonic toothbrushes too. I sure would like to win one. Oh, Pretty & Wonderful Mir!!

  93. I would love to have a new toothbrush!

  94. I would love to have a new toothbrush!

  95. My receding gums thank you!

  96. OMG please pick me! I’ve been reluctantly in the market for a new toothbrush as my trusty Oral-B’s battery is showing it’s long long age.

  97. Oooh boy, my husband sure could use one of these. Please!

  98. I have been coveting a sonic toothbrush for Chico. I have my fingers, toes, and eyes crossed that I’ll win this one.

  99. Please? πŸ˜‰


  100. Would love to give this sonic toothbrush a good home. My bathroom is very pretty.


  101. Pretty please?

  102. I would love one of those.

  103. I could use a new fancy schmancy toothbrush.

  104. Another great giveaway, Mir. One of these days, I’ll get picked!

  105. What a great giveaway! My teeth would love to win this!

  106. I’m a pretty bad tooth-brusher, so this would be great.

  107. Me and my pearly whites would love to win this! πŸ™‚

  108. I heart fancy toothbrushes.

  109. Since I don’t floss (I know – shame), this would be great for getting my teeth really clean!

  110. I like free! I like teeth! A free, fancy toothbrush? Sign me up!

  111. clean teeth – i like!!!

  112. Thanks! My teeth feel cleaner already.

  113. Clean teeth! Priceless! Thanks for entering me!!

  114. Thanks!

  115. So cool!

  116. My dentist is also my landlord, I’m pretty sure it’s clause 14A in my lease that I need to win this!

  117. Well, I just had pulled pork for lunch, so I have bbq pork breath, not minty fresh, but, in my mind, it might just be better. But who can pass up good oral health opportunities?

  118. OMG WANT. My teeth are hurting RIGHT NOW because I drank water that wasn’t warm. Sigh.

  119. I want one. Please. Pretty please.

  120. Sign me up! Thanks for yet another contest!

  121. I don’t have a flossing technique or a great toothbrush. Pick me!

  122. I’d love one!!

  123. Ooohhh…I could use a new toothbrush! Thanks for the contest!

  124. Me and my sensitive teeth would love one!

  125. Oooo, my sensitive teeth would be very grateful!

  126. I love fancy toothbrushes!

  127. I just finished brushing my teeth before sitting down with my laptop. Lo and behold! A Want Not post about clean teeth? What timing! Thanks for the contest, Mir.

  128. oooh, I have a dentist appointment Thursday – if I won this I could finally tell him I got one!

  129. I would really like this!!!

  130. I’m skeered of the dentist too. This could make going a lot less traumatizing. Thank you, pretty Mir!

  131. I would love a new toothbrush!!! Pretty Pretty please.

  132. I would love this! Please……

  133. My sensitive teeth could really use this!

  134. I covet this toothbrush. I am in!

  135. Be true to your teeth, or they will be false to you.


  136. Oooh, fancy toothbrush!

  137. My teeth and gums would love this! Hope I win.

  138. could this be my lucky day?

  139. Happy birthday to me!

  140. I would love this!

  141. I’ve never had one so this would be great to try!

  142. Count me in.

  143. Nice!

  144. My wife told me to enter to try to win. But, now that I see what you are giving away- I may keep this for myself if I win it!

  145. Me want this toothbrush.

  146. Woo! Clean teeth=good! πŸ˜€

  147. Mmmmm clean teeth! And it won’t hurt my wrist to brush! Pulsonic!!! (Why ARE electric toothbrushes so dang heavy anyway?)

  148. ME!

  149. me me me me!!! please.

  150. I would really like this. You are pretty and so are your teeth!

  151. Sign me up!!

  152. Sensitive teeth, exposed nerve, dentist-phobia… yeah, that’s me.

  153. Ooh, pick me and my sensitive teeth, O Pretty Mir! πŸ™‚

  154. I hope #150 is the lucky number…

  155. I have been needing to get a sonic toothbrush forever, and if I win this, I promise to add flossing regularly to my routine…seriously, promise!

  156. What a great contst

  157. I would love to have this toothbrush. Thanks for the chance.

  158. I’ve been wanting one of these fancy-type toothbrushes… pick me, random number generator!

  159. I could use a new crush right now. Pick me, pick me! πŸ™‚

  160. This would be really nice, thank you!

  161. I would love one. Thanks for letting me play!

  162. Desire? Check. Minty fresh breath? Check.

  163. I know I should use something like that. And go to the dentist.

  164. Is it small enough to hide from my husband? Because I know he’ll want one too πŸ˜‰

  165. I think I need this!!!! Thanks!

  166. Dentalphobic the middle of procedures that cause me to gag, get yelled at by dentist, edondontis, hygienist, then cry….would love a better toothbrush…

  167. This would be a great gift…for me!

  168. This toothbush looks great! Please add me! πŸ™‚

  169. Definitely would love to get this toothbrush!

  170. Wow, would I love this!

  171. Lovely teeth? Count me in!

  172. I could use a better toothbrush in my newly prego state, you know the havoc pregnancy makes for the poor old teeth.

  173. Very cool – thanks!!

  174. It would be WONDERFUL to have a kinder gentler and yet more powerful toothbrush.

  175. I’m all about good oral hygiene!

  176. Great timing, my sonicare just bit the dust this week!

  177. bye bye fuzzy teeth.

  178. pick me! I also have sensitive teeth – and do you have that metal sensitivity too?? yikes!!

  179. Please pick me!!!

  180. I want it!!!

  181. Me, me! I love clean teeth. Not that all the other pretty commenters don’t, also, of course.

  182. “I mean, weÒ€ℒre not ugly, we just stink!”

    Pick me.

  183. 4 quadrants? What about the front top and front bottom? I divide my mouth into sections. I mean, I SUPPOSE I could try it your way if I won but you are really asking alot here πŸ™‚

  184. It took me years of not seeing one before I finally found a good guy, wish I would have found him when I still had back teeth!!! Sure would love to keep the ones I have left health

  185. Sweet giveaway! Though I hope my haphazard flossing technique doesn’t disqualify me. :o/

  186. This would be perfect for my daughter in braces – thanks!

  187. ME ME ME! This is the one contest I really want to win!

  188. I and my gums (with multiple grafts) would love this!
    Please, pretty please! πŸ˜‰

  189. I’d love to update my old one!

  190. i so need this, mine died!!

  191. Yes, please

  192. Oh boy! I hope I win!

  193. pick me pretty lady!

  194. Sounds neat, I’ll try for it!

  195. oooooooooo! I LIVE for this sort of thing. My dental GPA would be a 4.0!

  196. Oh, pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

  197. This is my lucky number.

  198. The BMW of toothbrushes … I’d love one! Thanks

  199. I would definitely use this.

  200. How generous! Even if I don’t win it, I NEED one!!

  201. I think it says alot about my age that I am THIS excited about the prospect of winning a toothbrush πŸ˜‰

  202. I’ve wanted to try an electric tooth brush, but figured I could get the job done with a good old fashioned one. My dentist confirmed that I haven’t been doing the best job possible! It would be wonderful to win this new brush. Thanks for the chance and the info so I can keep an eye out for it down the road.

  203. Thanks!

  204. I’m a sensitive person too Mir! I just got back from the bad Dentist and he said so. So pick me…

  205. Oh how wonderful. I was told years ago to get one and the cost alone scared me.

  206. Pick me! Pic me!!

  207. oh, yes, this big mouth would love this!

  208. Maybe it’s my lucky day!

  209. yippee. it’s my birthday today, so the random number generator has to take pity and pick me. even if the drawing is wednesday.

  210. That would be great!

  211. My sonic toothbrush just died. Please pick me I’ve logged many hours in the dentist chair and maybe a new shiny toothbrush will help me.

  212. Thanks Mir!

  213. I would LOVE to win this one!

  214. This would be great!

  215. I need to ditch my crappy battery-powered Oral B. BIG TIME. Count me in!

  216. This would be awesome. I too have the larger Sonic one and find myself grabbing the regular toothbrush because of the size.

  217. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  218. I wanna win!

  219. This is the one I want to win!!!

  220. Who doesn’t love clean teeth?

  221. Sounds fantastic!

  222. Oh yes, please! Pick me!

  223. Would love to win!

  224. I would love to win that toothbrush!! Cool giveaway, thanks!

  225. Pick Me…Pick Me!!!

  226. For me, for my oral health…

  227. Got to have one before I need dentures at 35!!

  228. If I promise to floss from here on out can I still win? Thanks

  229. MEMEMEMEME! Was that too fast? πŸ™‚

    I LOVE your website! Thanks for all the hard work!

  230. Oh, would that ever help me – grew up with a dentist who didn’t believe in novocaine – the memories haunt me still!

  231. pick me please!

  232. Brush my teeth, please! (because I hate to floss so I brush extra hard).

  233. thanks!

  234. Please pick me!

  235. I’d love to win this!

  236. Sounds perfect!

  237. This would be fabulous for my sensitive gums

  238. I too have avoided the dentist for an unspecified number of years. Please pick me and give me strength to make that appointment!

  239. I love the dentist and flossing feels sooo good!

  240. I’ve avoided the dentist since I graduated and quit having insurance handy…. this would be a great way to help me until I can afford a dentist again πŸ™‚

  241. Me! Come on, when this is drawn I’ll be in the hospital giving birth…don’t I deserve super clean teeth?

  242. I’ve always wanted a toothbrush like this, but can’t afford it, what a great thing to win!!

  243. I’ve been wanting one of these but haven’t wanted to spend the money

  244. My husband needs one of these!

  245. Sparkly!

  246. Cool!

  247. pick me!

  248. winning this would make it so worth the wait from the number generator. who deosn’t love clean feeling teeth?

  249. I need something for someone with a small mouth (literally but not figuratively) and sensitive teeth and gums. This might do it!

    Thanks, pretty Mir!

  250. Count us in!

  251. Me, please. I’d love to feel pretty.

  252. I would love, and could really use, a fancy new toothbrush!

  253. Okay, I can’t guarantee minty freshness at this time, but I bet with the toothbrush I’d be incredibly fresh. And my flossing technique? Wrap it around my fingers, I start with the bottom, and move to the back left, then the back right, then the top left, then the top right, then I catch the stuff I missed. I swish with water, then brush. I so want to be pretty. πŸ™‚

  254. I can GAR-ON-TEE you that my number of no-dentist years beats your number of no-dentist years!

    Count me in. Please count me in.

  255. Count me in, please!

  256. Wow! Great Giveaway! I need one of these!

  257. Oooh… can you smell the minty freshness?

  258. Once upon a time I went to the dentist and he said, “You have cavities! You need to come back!” And I said, “That’s very nice but I’m moving out of country tomorrow. See you!” I moved and then moved again (and again) and still haven’t been to the dentist. A new toothbrush would make up for that, right?

  259. I had *seven* root canals last year, and *three* this year before, once again, maxing out my dental insurance. (Last year I had to pay thousands out of pocket!) What I would do for a handy, dandy sonic toothbrush. Or heck, even a trip to Sonic. πŸ˜‰

  260. That’s not just a toothbrush, it’s a fun toy! Pick me!

  261. Thanks for the opportunity!

  262. pick me pick me….please

  263. Huhh, Huhh…how’s that for minty sweet breath? πŸ™‚

  264. I like clean teeth!

  265. Sounds great! Thanks!

  266. WOW!!!

  267. Wow! I’ve been thinking about getting an automatic toothbrush.

  268. I want pretty teeth!!

  269. Brusha brusha brusha! My sister has been raving about her electric toothbrush, would love to try one!

  270. Sounds good! I will take it!!

  271. What a coincidence, I just went to the dentist this morning, and can still feel the pain…maybe one of these would make me WANT to visit? Nah, probably not, but I’d still love one πŸ™‚

  272. (not the same Lauren as the comment just above mine). I’d love this one!

  273. I need this. My very sensitive teeth will thank you.

  274. Puleaze pick me! I have had three crowns in the last two years! Love your blog!

  275. Hoping to hear I’m the winner!

  276. Add me please.

  277. My teeth would love you 4-eva…what a priiize!!!

  278. Oooohhh, fancy schmancy tootbrush. It’s something shiny, right there!

  279. I too have sensitive and find my electric too harsh most days. Thanks, Mir!

  280. I lurve our Sonicare, but less bulky sounds pretty terrific. I’m in!

  281. I promise that if I win this, I will make an appt. with a dentist. It’s been years. (Hanging head in shame.)

  282. Very cool. I’m in! Thanks, Mir!

  283. Look at the shiney!

  284. I have always wanted one!! Thanks!

  285. I’m a broke grad student – and would love one! PICK ME!

  286. A new toothbrush would be great!

  287. I love me a good toothbrush. ^.^

  288. Thanks!

  289. I’ve always wanted a fancy-schmancy toothbrush!

  290. I would like to give it a whirl!

  291. I’d love an upgrade! My flossing technique leaves much to be desired, but at least I do it daily, right? πŸ™‚

  292. Pick me!!!

  293. Oooh! If I were to win this, my receding gums and I would thank you and call you pretty.

  294. Oh, pretty please! Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  295. My dentist would be very happy if I won this. My gumline would say thank you too. Sending a minty-fresh smooch your way!

  296. I’ve got my minty fresh breath ready! Do I win? What a great giveaway. I’ve always wanted a sonic-type toothbrush but wouldn’t spend the money there.

  297. pick me! I could really use a tooth brush like that.

  298. Oooh, cleaner teeth, less sensitivity, who could ask for anything more!?!

  299. Need toothbrush.

  300. My husband could really put this to good use! Another great contest, Mir. Thanks!

  301. I would share this with my husband…meaning I’d give it to him, not share as in share share.

  302. Count me in. Thanks Mir!

  303. ohhh, I love minty!

  304. We have a very, very old Oral B electric toothbrush that is longing to be replaced. Thanks for the chance to win!

  305. Ooh what a great contest! Pick me please, random number generator! πŸ™‚

  306. I would love this. Have very sensitive teeth too. =)

  307. Cooool!

  308. Holy cow–there’s a lot of people that want a new toothbrush! ha

  309. I totally need this. I currently suffer from dentalphobia. I need to go, but I am terrified of what they will find!

  310. You simply will feel you must pick me. I have put $10,000 in my teeth due to sensitive teeth, poor gums, and the “worst case of TMJ” Three dentist who have looked at me say they have ever seen. My mouth hurts so very much everyday that I am almost ready for dentures and soup , just soup please!
    Maybe your tooth brush will help ! Something has too. The night guards they recommend keep falling out at night. I have had no luck no matter what I try. Please pick me, not begging just saying, I do have the greatest need.

  311. I’ll try that!

  312. Yes, please! My dentist keeps telling me I need an electric for my decrepit teeth and says my spinbrush doesn’t count. This would be great!

  313. Ohh ohh! I hope to win this! xD

  314. Ooh, one of these before my next dentist appointment would be great! πŸ™‚

  315. Count me in! I’m not a big fan of going to the dentist, so I try my best to keep my teeth sparkling! πŸ™‚

  316. Me please!


  317. My son needs the timer. I can’t get him to brush long enough.

  318. Count me it! I’m sure my dental hygenist would say thanks. πŸ˜€

  319. oooh, fancy. Please please please!

  320. Sounds vibratey!

  321. pick me random number picker.

  322. say ahhhhhh!

  323. My yellow teeth say “Pick ME Pick ME!!” lol

  324. omg pick me!!!

  325. I’m about to go brush!

  326. My technique is fabulous!

  327. I NEED a sonic toothbrush…

  328. Such a great give-away – thanks!

  329. i NEED this so bad! i am having a horrible week and i need a pick me up!

  330. … it’s almost my birthday…..

  331. My teeth would be so very very happy!

  332. Would love a new toothbrush~

  333. pick me! I’ve never won a toothbrush before!

  334. Me me me! (please?)

  335. this would make my teeth smile!

  336. I need a new toothbrush! πŸ™‚

  337. Since my hubby just paid for my new whitener at the dentist I would love to have the toothbrush that will keep them that way!

  338. I’d like to try one out. Pick me oh random number generator!

  339. Awesome prize. Please pick me.

  340. Root planing BAD…Winning toothbrush GOOD!

  341. I just bought myself a new toothbrush, but it was under $5 if that tells you what kind. I could really use something Pulsonic!

  342. Ooh, due to strict money issues AND dentalphobia, it’s been a couple years for me too. I sure could use that there fancy toothbrush!

  343. I am the flossing queen! takes me about 5 minutes!

  344. Busy mommies need a special tooth brush!

  345. Would love to be the random winner!

  346. Ooh ooh! Pick me random number generator!

  347. Yes please!!

  348. Please pick me!

  349. DH has sensitive teeth, so this would make a lovely surprise for him. Imagine, winning something from the lovely Mir! By the way, you look beautiful today. πŸ™‚

  350. I could use this new cleaning system for my teeth.

  351. I too am on the hunt for a dentist that can undo my dentalphobia. Maybe a nice, new, FREE sonic toothbrush would help!

  352. dh is in mouth hell, this would be wonderful.

  353. Ooo! Pick me!

  354. Come on random number generator!

  355. If I won this, I’d own a toothbruth with a greater retail value than all other toothbrushes I’ve ever bought combined.

  356. Crossing my fingers for good luck!

  357. I have major dentalphobia! I’m having a wisdom tooth surgically removed on Thursday. Boo! πŸ™

  358. I totally NEED this!

  359. Pretty please!

  360. I had the sonicare on my bday list and didnt get it, I would love to win the “new oral b” sounds much better.

  361. my flossing technique sucks, so this would be a huge help!

  362. Flossing technique: sporadic.
    Need for sonic toothbrush: desperate.
    I believe the two are related.

  363. I could really use this toothbrush. Pick me:)

  364. My teeth could stand to be cleaner!

  365. I could use some enhanced dental care, especially after baby #2 arrives. Being pregnant mysteriously makes me get sick when I brush. My first post-preg trip all by myself after baby #1 was to the dentist.

  366. ooh! sign me up. my floss style is to do it a few days before i go to the dentist LOL

  367. I want to have pearly whites, too!

  368. If you saw my teeth….:)

  369. Ooh, ooh I would love one! At my exam last month they were pushing a $149 version, which I politely declined. But I still feel somewhat guilty/worried about my little white toofies.

  370. I love electric toothbrushes! Please be mine!

  371. I would love to win this for my daughter! Then she could make sure and brush as long as she should!!!!
    Pick me, Pick me, PICK me!

  372. 372 entries, but it’s worth a try. Sounds like the cadillac of toothbrushes.

  373. Whee!

  374. Oh me! me! MEEE! Pick me random picker thingy!

  375. Sounds great – count me in!!

  376. Fun and good for you! What a prize!

  377. Count me in too!

  378. I’m in πŸ™‚

  379. Ohhhhh pick me pick me (do you get tired of us always saying that?) – I could really use one and love the 30 second beep, that’s a great way to remind you to get your whole mouth clean!

  380. I hope I get it! My Braun electric toothbrush died 2 years ago, and I keep meaning to replace it…

  381. fresh breath for me please!!!

  382. My teeth say, “thank you!”

  383. Oh Random Number Generator, please to pick me? Sonicare discontinued the model I’m using awhile ago and it’s getting harder and harder to find replacement brush heads.

  384. Thanks for the chance!

  385. Count me in!

  386. I need a new toothbrush!

  387. Yesterday. 3 hours at dentist. Significant pain. 3 cavities. $680 poorer ;(

  388. Oh my goodness, it sounds like it does everything but get me out of bed in the morning.

  389. Sounds like a great toothbrush!

  390. Oh, I’m all over it. Clean teeth AND bragging rights!

  391. Pick me! Pick me!!!

  392. Yes, please, Mir. Make me popular at my dentist’s office. You know you want to.

  393. Oooo! I love brushing my teeth. (really)

  394. A comment.

  395. Love to brush my teeth…please pick me!!!

  396. My Braun definitely needs replacing!

  397. oh that would be SO cool!

  398. Hey, Lady Luck! Over here! *jumping up and down* Pick me!

  399. Is this number the lucky one?

  400. Count me in, too!

  401. pick me πŸ™‚ i would loooove one of those fancy toothbrushes!

  402. I’m ready for the coolest new toothbrush

  403. I would love to try something new!

  404. Hope I win this time πŸ™‚

  405. I’d love to have a toothbrush like that!

  406. Should I talk about how green my teeth are bc my toothbrush just doesnt cut it? Just kidding.

  407. Sign me up!

  408. Ooooo, fancy!

  409. I need one! For free!!!

  410. I’d love to have a super snazzy sonic toothbrush, and I’m sure my dentist would love for me to have one too!

  411. My teeth would love to have this.

  412. me too

  413. Count me in!

  414. My mouth will thank you!

  415. I need to go back to a sonic toothbrush. I’d like to try this one!

  416. I love to try new things…

  417. Im in, im in! Yay!

  418. pick me please!

  419. I have a jingle that goes something like “scrubba, scrubba, scrubba” going through my head.

  420. My teeth need to win!

  421. Minty fresh breath over here!!!

  422. Please pick me, I am a total freak about my teeth..I’m constantly inspecting them in the mirror!!

  423. Oooh, pick me!

  424. I would love an electric toothbrush!

  425. Count me in! Hey, I’m’ all for better dental health!

  426. I’m in!

  427. Love it!!!! Count me in and pick me!! haha

  428. OOH! OOH! Pick me, oh, great random number generator!

  429. OK…I’m in!

    Pick me!!

  430. Me?

  431. 432-1 blastoff!

  432. Holy cow, there’s already a lot of entries!

  433. i love my teeth. :]

  434. Oooh Ooh pick me pick me! I floss, I do! But my toothbrush technology is seriously challenged.

  435. Pick me! My teeth would be happy.

  436. Oh I would love to have one of those. Pick me pick me!!!

  437. ooohhhh, pick me.

  438. Crossing my fingers! I would love this prize. πŸ™‚

  439. I miss having a sonic toothbrush…pick me!

  440. I definitely need a new, fancy toothbrush.

  441. Sounds cool. Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  442. What’s floss?

    Sounds cool, count me in!

  443. Yay! Sure!

  444. Wow! This sounds like a nice toothbrush!
    Thanks for picking me.

  445. I’d love one of these! My current Oral-B is so old that unless it sits on the charger all the time, it won’t work – so we’ve been looking for a replacement. Thanks for the giveaway!

  446. I already have an Oral-B Sonic, which I love, but now my son is nagging for one and it would be really great to win this. Thanks.

  447. Yes, please!

  448. Husband needs a new toothbrush baby.

  449. Oooooh! Somehow I missed this one. Thanks for the reminder!

  450. Neat brush!

    (I’m really only posting so I can win. Did I win?)

  451. ooh mine just broke. me me me

  452. Sounds like quite a toothbrush! Here I am to enter!!

  453. I could use a new toothbrush!

  454. Love it!

  455. It sounds quite nice! Your hair looks lovely!

  456. I love bathroom gadgets!

  457. Ooh, my dentist would approve! (Her, on my last visit: “Have you been sucking down Cherry Cokes all day, sweetcheeks? I can’t figure out why you have all these cavities!”)

    Sigh. I swear I floss. And drink DIET, thankyouverymuch.

  458. so very many entries, so little time. I love toothbrushes!

  459. I love new toothbrushes!

  460. I have one of those big bulky ones in the back of my linen closet as well. Would love to try this new one!

  461. I want one soooooo BAD!!!!

  462. always up for a toothbrush that would make my life easier!

  463. Am I too late?

  464. I just made it! Woo-hoo!

  465. So, a few years ago, I went to use my toothbrush and found that it was WET. This freaked me out, given that I am, A, a bit of a control freak, and, B, tend to use old toothbrushes to clean our bathroom. In my panic stricken state, I immediately decided that someone else must’ve decided to clean and had been using MY TOOTHBRUSH. I come out of the bathroom, go on a long, panicky rant, and, when I finally stopped for breath, found out that my younger brother had been using my toothbrush because it looked exactly the same as his. My mom tends to buy the multi-packs, so we have toothbrushes that match occasionally.

    The point being, please prevent this story from re-occurring any time in the future, especially since I’m going to be in the dorms in two weeks.

    Thanks Mir!

  466. yay! right on! woo hoo!! sweeeeeet!!

  467. I’m in!

  468. Gonna try to get in under the wire. πŸ™‚

  469. I’d love to try this out. Thanks!

  470. Count me in! Thanks

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