Just keep ’em out of the landfills

By Mir
August 18, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Despite our recent discussion about alternatives to plastic bags, I still love Ziplocs for certain things. I can’t help it. And I love the big bags, which are fabulous for a sort of do-it-yourself vacuum bag concept (sit on the bag when sealing—very high-tech) for storage or camping.

As long as I’m still going to buy them, I think I’ll go ahead and print out a coupon to get a box for free the next time I buy a box. I promise to use them only for good!


  1. Oooh…thank you! I have a love for Ziploc bags too!

    I was so happy to discover that one of these sizes of the BIG bags (XL, I think?! Too lazy to go upstairs!) just contains a kids booster seat, perfect for checking it for air travel. It keeps it from getting filthy and has a little handle for the airline luggage tag too.

  2. Thanks Mir! Going to Maine next weekend and don’t want to pay the airlines to check bags…we’ll be using these to contain our stuff to one bag per person to carry on!! YIPPEE!

  3. I always thought the Big Bags were kinda silly…and then I got some, and now I don’t know what I did with all my stuff before I had these.

    They rock for storing my toddler’s outgrown clothes, especially.

    So thanks!

  4. I use them to put our stuff in when we use the roof basket on the car. No rain worries.

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