Got toner?

By Mir
August 19, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

If you run a home office like I do, or if you just use your printer a lot (read: If your children need to print out every single picture they make in Paint), you know the agony that comes with purchasing toner. That stuff is… not particularly cheap.

Fortunately, it’s HP Week at—among other things, you’ll get a free case of paper with the purchase of either a dual-pack or two individual packs of HP toner. They sell the paper for $47/case, so that should take some of the sting out of toner price, for you.

Try coupon code 47912405 for an additional 10% off your $50+ order, or code 33852405 for $20 off of $75+, too. (And don’t forget about the free next-day shipping on orders of $50+, automatically.)

Because I would never, ever recommend unplugging the printer and then telling the kids that you have no idea why it’s not printing. Nope. Certainly not.


  1. Heh, she’s 3 so I get away with it, but that probably won’t last long!

  2. I take the paper out. Then I go to print something and stuff from Playhouse Disney or Noggin starts shooting out and I have to cancel it and then print my stuff.

  3. Are the coupon codes for HP products only? Because of course the ink/toner I need is 72.99! 😛

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