Attention SciFi geeks: Free audiobook

By Mir
August 20, 2008
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I love to keep a great audiobook on my iPod—sometimes it’s the only way I can convince myself to go get some exercise, because I want to listen to my book.

And we already know that I love free things, so I’m sure it’s no surprise that I’m stoked to discover that Simply Audiobooks apparently offers a free book every month. Just click on the “Free Download” tab on their top page to get to it (the site doesn’t allow internal linking or I’d put you straight into it, but I think you can manage a single click, anyway).

August’s free book is The Sentient Advantage by Chris Pugmire, which the Simply Audiobooks site likens to the Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker Guide books, which—whether you’re a true SciFi geek or not—are some pretty entertaining reads. Regardless… for free, I’m willing to check this one out.


  1. I listen to audiobooks during my commute and it has saved my sanity. And I’m all about free or nearly free audiobooks – the library and PaperbackSwap have become my best friends. So I will add Simply Audiobooks to my list of sources. Thanks!

  2. Thank you so much! I listen to audiobooks while I tread on the mill (I would go nuts or stop walking altogether). Plus … gotta love free!

  3. Ok, tech idiot here, it says some are iPod compatible and some are…not? How do I make the free one load onto my iPod?

  4. Ani, that free one isn’t going to load onto your iPod or mine. It’s in WMA format, which is Windows-only. I don’t see a way to get the MP3 version as a free download — too bad!

  5. There are converters out there, though. Some of ’em are even free.

  6. Thanks, Mir! I have more than an hour commute each way to work and have become addicted to audio books. I will definitely check out this site. is a good source for converters, etc. and all things techy/geeky.

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