Don’t forget the Thursday Morning Markdown

By Mir
August 21, 2008

LL Bean’s Thursday offering today is a women’s silk/cotton v-neck sweater. Regularly $39.50, today it’s $15 apiece for one day only.

Plenty of sizes and colors from which to choose, too.

Make it even better—use coupon code 3004365 to ship it for free!

(Did anyone else get their kids’ comfort mountain mocs from last week’s markdown? Ours came yesterday and ohmygosh are they lightweight, and cute, too. Those was a total steal.)


  1. Yeah, I picked up the shoes last week. they came yesterday and my boys were hugging me they were so happy. They’ll be perfect for camping this weekend.

  2. We just got ours in as well, but alas as always with my daughters feet, fits in length but slides off of her heel.

  3. Hmmmm, I’m still waiting for mine to arrive. I hope they’ll fit on my sasquatch/three year old as I just learned yesterday he’s gone up 1/2 a size. grrr…

  4. I’m still waiting on mine, and I hope they fit. I bought her a pair of Vans in the same size but she won’t wear them because they hurt her feet. There’s about half an inch from her toes to the end of the shoe, but she has wide feet. We’re trying to stretch them out for her. The shoes, not her feet. 🙂

  5. Got mine yesterday. I ordered 2 pair in consecutive sizes for my grandson since he’ll have outgrown the first pair by mid-October! They are adorable and look like they’ll be a quick option when running out the door because he’s late for the bus!

  6. hmmm…looks like they only have extra small in linen left…I sure wish I was an extra small gal!

  7. We got ours too. How come my 2-years-younger-than-his-brother child has bigger feet than his brother? That’s just wierd…

  8. Those sweaters look great! Thanks for the tip – I ordered two.

  9. Mine came yesterday too, but I ordered it one size too small. I hope they can exchange it!

  10. I ordered two sweaters, too. And they have larger sizes now– maybe they restocked mid-day.

  11. Thank you SO much for posting that, Kim. I had one in the cart this morning and was just checking to make sure I got the right size when it was gone. But it’s back! And it’s bought!

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