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By Mir
August 23, 2008
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First and foremost: Mea culpa! Everyone who scolded me yesterday that the Old Navy denim sale would not be in-store only? You were right. You can also shop it online. Today only (August 23rd, 2008), adult denim is $12 and kids’ denim is just $7. Limit 3 pairs per purchase.

This one sort of cracks me up: There’s currently a coupon available for Circuit City through this link here which will give you 10% off a purchase of $249+. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the list of exclusions is a mile long, and it starts with televisions. Hmph. Let me know if you manage to use it.

It’s another awesome offer from; get free shipping and pick a free skin care set with every order.

Finally, a decent Overstock weekender coupon: Take 7.5% off any order (excluding media) through that there link, all weekend long. Wooooo!

The big home sale at Macy’s is running through Sunday, and if you spend $125+, you’ll get free shipping automatically.

Looking for a special outfit? Take a look over at Coldwater Creek, and then use coupon code WXH3964 through Sunday, August 24th, to take $25 off your $100 purchase. (Keep it affordable by shopping their outlet, even with the coupon.)

Have a fabulous day, everyone!


  1. Of course, the Old Navy jeans sale doesn’t include plus sizes. Lovely.

  2. Hmph! Especially since they have some lines that are especially for Plus Size gals. Such conflicting love/hate messages.

  3. Yay! I ordered the slim sizes for my boys that they never have at the mall and added the crocs from piperlime (also never have the right size and olor at the mall) to get free shipping! 3 pairs of jeans and a pair of crocs for about $48.

  4. @Mir – thank you very much!
    @Annette – Old Navy is usually too big for my youngest son – even w/ adjustable waist so THANKS for mentioning the slim size.

  5. I read somewhere that the limit on the jeans sale was 3 pairs, but it must be by department. I snagged three for me and two for the kidlets and everything worked just fine. Either I can’t understand the rules this early in the morning or else I found a way around them. Also, if you add something from Piperlime to your order, shipping is free!

  6. is there a code or something for the jeans?? it’s not saying they’re $7

  7. You might also want to mention that if you order something from Piperlime your Old Navy order ships free. YAY

  8. There is no code – just click on the link on the column at the left that will take you to the Saturday Only denim sale. I bought 6 pairs – 2 pr. for each kiddo and had no problems with prices, they were $7 each!

  9. Thanks for the heads up on the “no limit” readers. I just snagged three pairs for the boys, and I was headed to the store to get a few more…might as well save the gas I guess, huh?

  10. the website must be overloaded or something because I’m having a terrible time trying to get some jeans. I was finaly able to put a pair in my cart only to have the website say temporarily closed…ARG!! Trying again…

  11. ACK! Y’all broke Old Navy! Guess I’ll try later…anybody know if they sell jeans in boys husky sizes?

  12. It’s working now – after much waiting. Yes, they sell husky sizes too!

  13. ACK! Y’all broke Old Navy AGAIN! 🙂

  14. I was able to access Old Navy through my Firefox browser, not Safari. Also, I bought nine pairs of jeans for $7 each. WAHOO! I usually spend close to $130 for jeans for all my kids. This is a great deal! Thanks for posting Mir!

  15. The sale prices are not showing up — what am I doing wrong? I’m looking for a “Denim Sale” link or something and not seeing it . . . . help!

  16. Melinda- click on “women” on the top bar. Then on the left hand side it says “Saturday Only- $12 Denim” and then that will have a drop down menu where you can access all the denim sales. That’s the only way I can see how to get to the sale prices at the moment.

  17. Maybe $12 in some areas? It is in mine.

  18. If the website/checkout isn’t working call the 1800 number, that’s what I had to do last night when I made my order!
    My friend went to the store and she said there were lines out the door! NO thank you!

  19. If you add something to your order from Gap or Banana Republic, and use the code MULTI1, your order will ship for free. Just add on a pair of socks from the Gap or something and then use that code.

  20. I went late to the sale, and of course they didn’t have the size I needed for my daughter. So I bought a bigger size and plan to return it later this week to get the size I need. Old Navy said this was okay to do.

    Also, they did have plus size for $12. I just wasn’t in the mood for buying the size I need once I saw it.

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