Free shipping at Company Kids

By Mir
August 26, 2008

There are some stores I adore, though the regular prices cause me to fan myself like a fancy lady in an old movie. Ahem. Nonetheless, when I saw that select items at CompanyKids are shipping for free, I had to check it out—just in case something wasn’t too expensive.

Well… it’s still kind of expensive. But they have a wide assortment of Little Missmatched items, which I have never seen on sale anywhere, and are unbearably cute and maybe a nice little splurge for the holidays, or something. Coupon code KIDSTUFF will give you another 20% off one item, too.

I feel like such an enabler. I’m standing on the corner in a trenchcoat, polka-dotted socks tucked inside, whispering to passersby, “Pssssst! Wanna buy something cute?” I’m ashamed. Truly. Well, a little bit, anyway.


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