Because nothing’s better than a breezy cat

By Mir
August 27, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot! | Pets

… or something.

Look, I don’t have a cat. I’m allergic to cats. I don’t particularly like cats. But I hear that if you have a cat, this Tidy Cat Breeze Litter System is pretty nifty, and it’s currently marked down to $19.99 (half price) and is eligible for free super saver shipping. Check the box to “Subscribe & Save” and you can save another 15%, making it just $16.99. (Cancel the subscribe after it ships, if you like.)

So, um, enjoy… you people who enjoy animals who pee in a box.


  1. You say that like it’s a bad thing.

  2. I signed up for the free one you posted a loooong time ago… I wish there was some way to check on that.

  3. I second Ellen! Is there any way for us to check on those free ones we were supposed to receive? I think it said it would take 4 – 6 weeks, but it feels like it’s been that long. 🙂

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