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By Mir
August 27, 2008
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Don’t forget—you have through Sunday to enter to win a free copy of “America at Home” complete with a custom cover. Go mock up a cover (directions in the contest post) and leave me the link and you’re entered to win.

We have many fewer entries, right now, than usual. I assume this is because you need to do something other than leaving a “me, please!” comment, but I promise, it is not hard to create an entry and this is a fabulous book. I’m loving looking at all the entries so far, too. Picking the winners is going to be hard!

Anyway, even though you have extra time for this one, don’t forget!


  1. Some of us just never got a digital camera. I love my film camera. There is always such wonderful anticipation in dropping off and picking up the film to see the pictures. I have vowed to keep those moments alive and not buy a digital camera.

  2. My pics are too small or something. It won’t accept them. If I were cool and knew how to use my computer, I ould probably fix them, but sadly no. I am not that cool!

  3. Juli — I love my good old film camera, too. Though I’ve gotten into snapping cellphone camera photos like mad. Next time you go to have your film developed, ask them to convert your pictures to CD. Then *POOF* you’ll have digital images to upload and email to friends and family. And to enter contests!

  4. I just wouldn’t have anywhere to put this book!

  5. Mir, I attempted this the first day you posted this contest and sent the email link to myself and I am still waiting for it to show up so I am thinking it somehow didn’t work? I don’t know.

  6. I also have tried 3 times to do it…and the email never makes it to me…oh well, I really only wanted it for the cover anyway! LOL

  7. I wasn’t able to do it eitehr, but would love this book!

  8. We’re working on it right now. Daughter and I are searching for just the right photo. We’ve determined that our favorite photo, which is in landscape mode, needs to be in portrait to work on the cover. We’ll keep searching.

  9. For those that are not getting the email:

    Check you spam filter, it got caught in my junk folder!

  10. I tried over and over again, but apparently, I save my photos in a size too small for the America at Home people; they kept telling me the resolution wasn’t fine enough to make for a good cover. And I had SUCH a cute picture for it, too. Boo. And then when I finally found a photo that was the right resolution, it was too wide or something, and it looked awful. So, no entry from me. But not for lack of trying, I swear!

  11. I really don’t know how you are going to pick, especially with all of those adorable kids.

  12. Ignorant of my computer and digital camera, disorganized so I can’t easily retrieve photo, busy with six kids starting school and a dash of laziness:)

  13. I started to, but realized I don’t have any photos that are the kind that would look good as the whole cover of a book. Like, they all have household clutter and/or big shadows in the background. So few of my family photos are of my children wearing dress clothes and frolicking in a breezy field of daisies, it turns out.

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