Super Mario prices

By Mir
August 31, 2008

I am still very busy not shopping for that Wii that I didn’t buy. In case you were wondering. Ahem.

So, um, if you’re in the market for some Super Mario, I have no idea how I happened to discover that Super Mario Galaxy and Super Smash Brothers Brawl are both now marked down to $43.99 at Amazon. That’s not a huge discount, but these games are still too new to be discounted most places, so if you’re in the market, it’s not a bad price. (Don’t forget that you can use Bill Me Later to save even more money, and if you’d rather not actually be billed later, just purchase gift certificates, first, and then select BML and use your coupon, but then pay your balance with the gift certificates. Very sneaky.)

What can I say—I have a soft spot for Mario. I still remember when Atari Donkey Kong was the pinnacle of awesomeness.


  1. I missed this–how does using Bill me later save more money?

  2. Mir,

    Since you’re an affiliate, do you know if this is true, that Amazon will no longer be doing price-matching after today?
    From their forums:

    If that’s true, I’ll be doing a lot less shopping there…

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