Heads up, Discover Card holders

By Mir
September 1, 2008
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Sign-up for the next quarter of their “Get More” promotion is now open at the Cashback Center. October – December you can earn up to 5% back on groceries, movies, and restaurants, but it is not automatic. You must sign up to get the extra points.

Go, do it now, before you forget.

(P.S. This is where I cordially invite Dave Ramsey to kiss my… well, you know… because these special promotions have been earning me in excess of a hundred dollars every quarter. Credit-free, schmedit-free—I’d rather use my cards sensibly, pay them off, and reap the rewards.)


  1. Hear Hear to your P.S. to Dave Ramsey! Just another writer making credit cards evil rather than addressing the real problem of not spending less that you make whether you use cash, credit or debit. I love my discover card for the convenience of credit, the fraud protection it offers, and that my money stays in my bank account earning interest longer than if I used cash. Stepping off my pedestal now.

  2. Playing devil’s advocate, no one talks about the inflationary nature of credit cards. Since everyone pays the same price, the cost of accepting cards has to go somewhere.

    (said by the guy who’s been a Discover card holder for 20 years.)

  3. I love my discover rewards!

  4. Don’t have a Discover card, but just want to chime in and say that Dave is to financial advisors what A.A. is to drinkers. There are many more Americans who simply can’t control their spending with credit cards than folks who know how to use the c.c. companies incentive programs to their advantage. For those folks, living without credit cards is about the only way to live with crushing credit debt. I’m not one of them — but I can totally see the reason for Dave Ramsey’s devout following.

  5. Laura: Great point, and I hope everyone realizes that my comment was made with tongue firmly in cheek. For some people, Ramsey’s credit-free religion truly is the only way to go. What I object to is when those people try to convince the rest of us that all credit is evil and bad. By all means, if you need to live credit-free to stay out of debt, go forth and live within your means and good luck to you. I only reject the notion that everyone must live this way.

  6. Thanks for the reminder! We love the Discover and pay it off every month. If we are paying for the convenience of a cc anyway, we might as well get something for it, right? We use gift cards from Discover as gifts all the time, so I love earning a bit extra!

  7. Thank you again!!!!!
    I count on you to post this 🙂
    My mom and dad taught me to not charge it if I couldn’t pay it off at the end of the month (no interest charges). I love my Discover!!!

  8. One thing to notice on the Discover offer is that even though the promotional time is three months, the 5% cashback is limited to the first $400 you spend in those categories. Me, I’ll hit that $400 in groceries in about 2.5 weeks, and then I’ll probably go back to using my other card for groceries.

  9. This is very timely. I was just on the Discover website last night learning more about this card. After reading this post, then going back and doing some more research on the card, I– as a responsible credit card user!– am signing up. Any little bit back is more than the nothing I’m getting right now. Thanks!

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