Hold on to Your Horses

By Mir
September 1, 2008
Category Contests

No, really—this next awesome contest is all about Hold on to Your Horses, a delightful children’s book written by Sandra Tayler and illustrated by Angela Call. I have a soft spot for fellow writer mamas, of course, but trust me when I say that I get a lot of folks who want to show me what they’ve built or written where I then end up trying to figure out how to respond politely, because what they’ve just shown me is boring at best or bad at worst.

Thankfully, Hold on to Your Horses is one of those children’s books that tells a great story with beautiful pictures; I loved it immediately. Here, don’t take my word for how great it is (but it is great): Go download the free PDF and see for yourself. I dare you not to love it, in fact.

Five lucky Want Not readers will win signed copies of Hold on to Your Horses because Sandra Tayler is extremely pretty. And generous. For a chance to win, simply leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. Eastern (8:59 p.m. Pacific) on Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008. One comment per person, valid email address required. Winners to be determined by random number generation and stamping of hooves. (Whose hooves? Well, that’s part of the mystery, right there.)

Ready? Go!


  1. This is my lucky number.

  2. Yes, we love books!!!

  3. It’s worth a shot!

  4. My niece had her 1st horse ride last weekend. I then taught her how to say “horsie, please grampa” I love seeing my dad squirm!

  5. One of these days, my number will be chosen.

  6. me please

  7. I love to read new books to my kids (to break the monotony of the SAME books I memorized months ago but are favorites).

  8. We could use another book! This would be great.

  9. What adorable illustrations!

  10. oh cute!

  11. Ooh, how fabulous! We love to read!

  12. It’s so cute!! Hope I’m lucky! 🙂 Thanks!

  13. We love books!

  14. Wow. My son needs this and I’m guessing that my daughter will too one day… 🙂

  15. LOVE books!

  16. Mir, my daughter would go crazy for this! 🙂

  17. Awesome!

  18. Fun! All little girls love horses.

  19. What a cute book, we’d love a copy! 🙂

  20. Thanks so much for another wonderful contest! You are awesome (and oh so pretty!)

  21. My favorite kind of giveaway, a book giveaway! Thanks for the chance!

  22. My 5-year-old daughter loves horses; this would be a great book to add to her bookshelf.

  23. As a future children’s librarian, I’m always looking for great new kids books!

  24. Wow, that’s beautiful, and my 4-year-old will need this soon…

  25. Love it!

  26. How neat! Beautiful illustrations.

  27. I feel like a winner!!!!

  28. Awesome! We love books and horses!

  29. Best of luck to all

  30. ne-aay!

  31. *stomp* We heart books! *stomp*

  32. My little girl loves books!

  33. Books, horses, what’s not to love.

  34. Sounds great!

  35. My son went to his favorite dude ranch camp again this summer. The book would be for me (for school!), not for him, though. Clip, clop, clip, clop.

  36. A lovely book for everyone in the family to enjoy. Thanks, Mir.

  37. Would LOVE this book! 🙂

  38. A great book for teachers!

  39. We love books! Thanks for offering the best giveaways!

  40. We love books, particularly free ones!

  41. I’d love to share this book with my daughter and the kids where I teach!

  42. Books, books, books! Can you ever have enough? Thanks!

  43. We love horses and books!

  44. We love us some good books!

  45. Books are ALWAYS good!

  46. My son Alex has so many ideas that often “go wrong”. I downloaded the .pdf version to read to him but I know this will be a wonderful book for him to learn from. What a wonderful image…horses to help you with those ideas.

  47. My niece would love this book!

  48. September 3rd, my bday, my son is 3 and is JUST starting to love story time! 🙂

  49. thanks!

  50. Pick me!!

  51. Oh, free + book = awesome! Thanks

  52. Yeah another giveaway!!


  53. I ALWAYS use that expression and my kids will get a real kick out of seeing it in print – Pick me, Pick me, oh Random Number Generator!!

  54. Eventually the random number generator will pick me!

  55. my niece would love that!

  56. Count us in!

  57. My daughter would love this!

  58. Books! Books! Books! Can’t live without them!

  59. Neat!

  60. I’m in! 🙂

  61. My daughter would love this book!

  62. we love horses, and pretty Mir!

  63. I downloaded the PDF file. Hopefully I will find time to reafd it tomorrow. Thanks for the contest.

  64. Books and horses, what could be better?

  65. While a book about horses is a far cry from the live pony my daughter wants for her birthday, it will have to do. I’d love to have this.

  66. oooh! books are the best! The PDF looks promising (I used to be on a committee that gave awards for children’s lit so I too have seen my fair share of stinkers).

  67. such a cute book! We would love a copy!

  68. Thanks for the chance!

  69. Yeah! Books!

  70. We went to a small town parade today and I was surprise how excited my boys were to see the horses–so I know this would be enjoyed at our house!

  71. Cool contest.

  72. ohhhh…me me!

  73. This number seems random enough to me. Here’s hoping the generator agrees.

  74. What a lovely book. I think N would love it.

  75. looks like a great book!

  76. Looks like an adorable book!

  77. That looks like a cool book!

  78. Aww. Great books are so important to children. 🙂 Thanks for making such a solid reccomendation, Mir!

  79. we would love this book!!! Thanks Mir

  80. Neigh!

  81. ooh, today being the first day of school here, this would be a perfect way to celebrate! Thanks Mir!

  82. Yay! Thanks for the contest, Mir!

  83. This sounds awesome!

  84. Books AND horses; what could be better?

  85. Hooray for Sandra Tayler!

  86. I want to win this for my pretty girl who loves horses!
    Thanks for the chance.

  87. Woohoo! Here’s my attempt to win!

  88. What a great book – my son is a lot like Amy and needs to learn to hold his horses!

  89. WHOA!!! Count me in!

  90. Pick Me!!

  91. I’m in.

  92. I’ve got two nieces that would love this. and even if I don’t win, it still has given me the idea for Christmas!

  93. Pick me, please!

  94. I hope I’m a lucky winner this time around 🙂

  95. I should if only because I say that to my kids all the time. And they always look at me as if to say, “But I WANT a pony!”

  96. Pick me please, my kids would love this book!!

  97. I’ll try to hold my horses until the RNG picks me!

  98. My daughter is a huge horse fan!! This book would rock at our house.

  99. Stamping my hooves.

  100. we’d love a copy!!!

  101. sure me too

  102. What an adorable book, both my daughters would enjoy this.

  103. I know 2 beautiful girls who love horses!

  104. Always ready for a new book!

  105. My daughter would love this! Thanks for offering!

  106. My little boy loves books. This would be great. Thanks!

  107. My boys are always eager to read a new book.

  108. My daughter would love this book!

  109. Pick me!!

  110. count me in, please!

  111. I’d love this!

  112. Please enter us, we would love a new book! (Especially one that is so beautiful.)

  113. Oh I like this book! My horse crazed, full of ideas, girl needs this book!

  114. we are a book family – great contest!

  115. Oh, how wonderful! Must have a copy of that! I have my own little Angela with lots of horses to hold.

  116. Horse lovers at our house! YYYEEEE–HAW!!!!

  117. My son loves going to ‘find’ the horses during our daily pre-bedtime walk around the farm.

  118. we love books…

  119. Sounds great!

  120. Pick Me!!!

  121. You never draw my name. BOO.

  122. Love horese, love books!

  123. Yay! The book is great, and I have to admit I have a fondness for her DH’s webcomic as well 🙂

  124. I love books! Especially when they are free.

  125. It looks so sweet!! I’d love to be entered! Thanks!

  126. Bring it on~

  127. We need more books in this house! My daughter loves to “read” so a book with pretty pictures would be perfect!

  128. What an incredible book! My eldest son could definitely use this story to read on a regular basis… I hope the generator picks us! 😉

  129. This is an adorable story! Thank you for the chance to win.

  130. Hold on to your book!

  131. We love books and especially about “yeehaas”. Hope we win

  132. My daughter loves horses and we’d love to win this book!

  133. Cute, I have a little friend who will love this.

  134. My nephews (2 yrs & 10 yrs) love to read.

  135. We would love this book!!

  136. I love it! How timely – I told my 5yo to hold onto her horses the other day and then had a hard time explaining what I meant. Needless to say, my explanation was not anywhere near so nice.

  137. Thanks for the chance to win more books!

  138. We love books too!!

  139. We love books and horses. Please pick us!!

  140. Books are Wonderful! Please pick us! I will read it with my granddaughter.

  141. Books, my favorite!

  142. We love books!

  143. woo! I’m in!

  144. We love books! And three of my kids love horses! And one of them routinely wishes she had been born in a barn (seriously, she’d rather muck out a stall than make her bed).

  145. Come on, hooves! Stamp this way! I come from a family of horse folk, so my daughter will love this book.

  146. Oh, a new horse book! My daughter will be thrilled to read it.

  147. What a sweet story! Thanks!

  148. pick me!!

  149. Pick me!Pretty please 🙂

  150. We’re in horse country, KY. We neeeeeeeed this book. Please.

  151. Pick me pick me random generator!

  152. If I win, this book will be donated to the Watson Children’s Shelter in our town.

  153. Thanks pretty Mir, for another great contest!

  154. One of these days I’ve gotta win…right?

  155. What a lovely book!

  156. A wonderful addition to our little library that we have set up!

  157. I’m a sucker for a good (and free) book!

  158. I’d love a new book for my son. 🙂

  159. Pick me. 🙂

  160. Thanks, Mir!

  161. Mee too! I could use a second copy!

  162. Would love another book to add to my son’s collection!! Thanks for the chance.

  163. Thanks for the contest!

  164. We love books!

  165. You can never have enough books! Hope I win!

  166. I would love to win!!!

  167. pick me

  168. Sign me up!!! We love horses in AZ.

  169. me me me!!!

  170. Gotta love horses!!
    Did I mention how pretty you are!?!

  171. Please, oh please, oh please! My girls would love it!

  172. Heh, just happened to be looking up Chincoteague info and have horses on the mind!

  173. We do so love horsey books in our house of 3 yr olds!

  174. We love books and horses! Please pick me!!!!

  175. Lucky number 176!

  176. Wow – that would be awesome!

  177. You were right, I loved this book. What a great story with beautiful illustrations!

  178. My 6-yr. old niece wears a horse necklace every day. She would love this.

  179. Looks darling.

  180. Cool!!

  181. My daughter loves horses – and reading – what a perfect fit!

  182. Awesomeness!

  183. whee! 🙂

  184. pick me! pick me!

  185. I want it! My daughter loves horses.

  186. I say, “Yee-haw!”

  187. My nephew would love this!

  188. Sounds like a great book. My neice would love it.

  189. We always need new books!

  190. I like horses. I like books. And I like to win stuff. Pick me!

  191. I would love this for my three kids!

  192. My daughter would love this.

  193. Would love one!!

  194. Books! Horses! Books about horses! 3 things we love!

  195. This is beautiful – please count me in! Thanks for the giveaway.

  196. My kid LOVES horses!

  197. Maybe I’ll be lucky again. . Come on 197!!!

  198. Lucky number 199! My daughter LOVES horses and LOVES to read and LOVES you! 🙂

  199. looks beautiful! We love good books.

  200. Just found out I’m having a girl (due Dec). Let’s start her library off right!

  201. This will make a great gift for my nephew!

  202. sounds wonderful.

  203. Wow this book sure does hit home with raising our daughter. Beautifully done!

  204. I would love this for my son.

  205. this would make my crap birthday week a bit better!

  206. we would love a copy!

  207. Beautiful. We’d love a copy.

  208. We would love to have a copy!

  209. Come on lucky number 210!!

  210. What a great story!

  211. My son loves “neigh neighs” so here’s hoping!

  212. Sounds like a good book. Thanks!

  213. Great book for the horse-lovers at my school’s library!

  214. I’m in.


  216. Sign me up, please!

  217. My daughter loves horses. We will absolutely read this book. Thanks so much! Maybe my lucky number will be 218 🙂

  218. Pretty, pretty books! Thanks – Jessica

  219. This book is perfect for my ADHD daughter about giving her a visual about holding onto her horses. Stoping and thinking before making a leap – or as the book says, letting her horses run away.

  220. Come on number 219!

  221. Oops! come on number 221 🙂

  222. 223 is my lucky number. I mean it isn’t everyday someone has a 3 digit lucky number, right!? lol

  223. Mi, mi, mi, mi! Just practicing my singing, of course… 😉

  224. Forget the kids, I want this book!

  225. Looks good.

  226. Lucky 227!!!!

  227. That is a lovely book!

  228. Why not?

  229. *comment comment comment*

    Gorgeous illos!

  230. Would Love One!!!!!!

  231. Sounds like one I would have read as a little girl.

  232. I’d love to add this to the piles of books around my house (you’d think I could put the spare room to good use as a reading room, eh?)

  233. Me please..

  234. Looks like this is a long shot, but I know a kid who would LOVE this!

  235. I never win these things…but I’ll throw my name in once again.

    Please, please, please!

  236. Thanks Mir, sounds like a great book!

  237. comment!

    we love books!

  238. We can never have too many GOOD books. And, autographed to boot? Nice.

  239. Count me in!

  240. Horses! Books! Free! Hooray!

  241. Feel free to taunt. Those of us who need a reminder post are more than likely used to it! 🙂

  242. Cool book. count me in.

  243. Taunt away, I am usually on time but not these first few weeks of school.

  244. Here I am with a “me me!” Thanks for the chance, Mir!

  245. How did I miss this the first time round?? Oh number generator…..pick high!

  246. Our little readers are always looking for something fun! Thanks for the chance!

  247. Taunt away if you must, you pretty thing.


  248. We live for books!

  249. We are always looking for a good book.

  250. This is the winning post!

  251. Thanks for another great contest. And for making me smile with your reminder post! 🙂

  252. Love to read!

  253. I’m holding, I’m holding.

  254. pick me pick me!!

  255. My daughter loves horses – what a fabulous prize.

  256. Whoa there partner…and just toss that book myway.

  257. Goooohhh, number 257!!! 🙂

  258. Looks super cute!

  259. aw man! my chances are slim but I would still LOVE to win a copy :o)

  260. Cute message and a great book for my niece. Here goes some more hoping and wishing going on!

    Thanks, Mir!

  261. I’m the “Book Nana”. Another story to read to my grandbabies!!!

  262. Well, 262, what the heck. 🙂

  263. Sounds like a good one… a true treasure! Enter me, please!! 🙂

  264. This is a great story. Reminds me of a certain 8 year-old who lives in my house!

    Super giveaway! Thanks!

  265. Pick me!!!!

  266. We always enjoying reading new books!

  267. Sounds great!

  268. I would love to have this book for my grandchildren, ages 3 and 5.

  269. sign me up!

  270. Almost last, but not least.

  271. Me, please! My daughter would LOVE this book!

  272. I love this site! And this would be a GREAT birthday present for my daughter!!

  273. I know the author and I think she’s lovely, too. This is a great book!

  274. I’d love to add this to my son’s library!

  275. I’m feelin’ lucky today!!!

  276. Pick us, please!

  277. Pretty, pretty Mir and pretty, pretty book.

  278. We LOVE books!!!

  279. pleeeez pleeeez pick me.. my double deelight twins girls will love a new book.. thanx for the chance to enter

  280. my double deelight twins girls will love a new book.. thanx for the chance to enter

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