Winners of the America At Home contest

By Mir
September 1, 2008
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Wow. Wow wow wow. I am definitely going back to contests that only involve random drawings, because what I learned during this contest is that I have a really, really hard time selecting winners.

Big huge thanks to everyone who participated—your pictures were amazing, and I’m so touched at the little glimpses of your lives that you shared with everyone. It was incredibly difficult to pick the winners.

Nevertheless, here’s the winners I ended up with, in no particular order:

Winners, check your email! You should have email from me, and you’ll also be receiving your redemption code via email.

Thanks, too, to the America At Home folks for sponsoring the contest. It really is a gorgeous book and I encourage anyone looking for a great gift or conversation piece to check it out.

There’s another contest coming up later today, so check back!


  1. Those are terrific choices. I really enjoyed looking at everyone’s entries, though I couldn’t find a picture of my own that I thought would stack up to the competition.

  2. I agree, great choices from a very hard selection. It was really fun seeing those precious little bits of people’s lives!

  3. Great choices, indeed! I didn’t look at the others before entering and can’t believe how close mine was to Becky’s… there was no attempt at stealing her idea, I swear!! (But, since I didn’t win, clearly it wouldn’t have done me any good anyways.)

  4. Debra’s spa girls? HAHAHAHA! Great choice!

  5. I am SO excited! Thanks so much!!!!

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