Blu-ray? But my favorite color is purple!

By Mir
September 2, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I don’t purport to know anything about Blu-ray, mostly because I was still buying videocassettes long past the time when all normal people had switched over to DVD. I’m pleased to report that I do now own a DVD player. But now I have to pretend that Blu-ray doesn’t exist until I can no longer find regular DVDs, I guess.

Regardless, if you’ve made the switch, you might want to check out the Big Blu-ray DVD Sale currently on at Amazon.

(Hey, what do you expect from someone who just got her first iPod last year? I never claimed to be on the cutting edge of technology, people.)


  1. I’m totally with you, pretty one. I was just lamenting with a friend of mine about how all of our favorite shows seem to be on the same night of the week. I don’t have…what’s that called?… TiVo? so I videotape everything on my VCR. And I just got my first iPod this year – a shuffle because the other types scared me.

  2. Hey, don’t look at me, I’m still upset that Comcast got rid of their little timer for VCR owners–it would change the channel on the digital cable box so that your VCR (which had to stay on channel 3 forevermore because of the cable box) taped the show you wanted on the right channel. Granted, I was using it for a DVD recorder instead of paying for a DVR/Tivo monthly service fee, but in their eyes I’m sure I was equally antiquated.

    Now if only Blu-Ray players would drop down into the double digits price-wise instead of way up in the triple digits, I may consider it. (Hey, Mir, at least they’re backwards compatible!)

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