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By Mir
September 3, 2008

I had someone write in recently (sorry, I haven’t woken up enough to even make my coffee, yet, so forgive me for not remembering who) to ask if there are ever any deals on Lego sets. And my answer was “Not really, but yes, of course.” That’s because Lego is one of those things that’s always so in demand, we don’t often see the huge markdowns on it that we do on some other things, but sure, occasionally, the good deals are out there.

This is really just a fair-to-middlin’ deal, price-wise, but given that they’re hot holiday toys and may even be hard to find the closer we get to December, I thought it was worth posting: Amazon has various Lego racers marked down right now—most are 25% off. (A few are closer to 30% off, like this one.)

And if you find Lego annoying, I have just one word for you: Bakugan. Thank your lucky stars if Lego is still the hot toy in your house. I’m just sayin’.


  1. I don’t find Lego annoying until I step on one with my bare feet.

  2. My husband hates all my toddler’s toys with many pieces. Sadly, this is most of her toys that encourage her development (blocks, foam alphabet, puzzles, play food, etc)

    I imagine that Legos are not going to be popular with him. But we have some squirreled away (duplos) for Christmas anyway.

  3. That was me who asked! Thanks for the heads up –

  4. More LEGO info from the mom of a LEGO NUT! We have literally millions of LEGO pieces in our house. LEGO does go on sale but, it is usually only discontinued models. They switch out models several times a year and start new lines, etc. The best place to find cheap ones is Target when they clearance out the toy section (they did it about a month ago here to make room for xmas stuff). They had some sets up to 75% off. Another good option is your local LEGO store. They don’t usually advertise but when you go in, they almost always have something on sale. A few months ago we got Star Wars sets for less than 50% and got free sets too. They also have a promotion to get a free child year pass to Legoland with $100 purchase (obviously only great if you live near CA, but saved us over $100 on our annual passes). Ross and those type stores every once in a while will get some sets but they are generally not marked down much (and are usually very old and beat-up boxes). On average, LEGO sets cost about ten cents per piece. A 200 piece set is about $20 so it is easy to see if a marked down price really is a deal or not. LEGO also has a clearance section on their website but you have to be quick when they mark stuff down as it sells out very quickly if it is more than about 10% off (every once in a while you’ll get lucky and snag something at 50% off). Ebay is another source but be very careful. Prices on there get CRAZY most of the time and you have to read the fine print. It seems lots of collectors pull out one or two important pieces (usually the minifigs) and then sell the sets. If your kid doesn’t care it is ok but missing minifigs cause major meltdowns here. Other missing parts are easy enough to find and can even be ordered one at a time thru Sorry for the long post but we know lots about LEGO.

  5. Legos are great- my kids can play and build…knock down and rebuild for hours in a day. The only drawback is finding them stuck to your feet, or sucking them up in the vacuum. Thank you for posting good deals, we are always looking for those!

  6. Unfortunately, we have discovered Bakugan in our house. I don’t even understand what they are, but my sons spend insane amounts of (their own) money on them.

  7. Thank you, thank you Mir and Beth for the info! My nearly-four year old has gone Lego insane. I would love to indulge him, but there are only so many $80 sets one can spring for. I have been birthday shopping for a deal to little avail.

  8. Oh lord have mercy, I am way too familiar with Bakugan (and Baraki). Please don’t post about any of those type of sales-this is for all of our mental health!

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