When in doubt, I go to Kohls

By Mir
September 4, 2008

Not the store. The website. The store is aaaaaaaall the way across town, for me, and besides, I have a Kohls card—that means that I can pretty much always get free shipping. Which means I can shop from my computer and be lazy, which is my favorite. (Right behind my family, chocolate, and bacon.)

Anyway. What? Hey, I think I need another cup of coffee!

So, if you’re wanting to shop Kohls, there are (of course) plenty of coupons available. For card holders, use MVC5421 for free shipping and MYAUGPICK for 15% off. Not a card holder? Shipping is currently just $.99 per item, automatically, and you can use NEW4107 for 10% off your order.

It looks like the clearance was recently updated; I picked up a couple of tops that weren’t there before. While I was shopping for my kids. (And now you know the real reason I like Kohls so much….)


  1. Your list of family, chocolate, and bacon is funny. Do you know that one of the new fair foods at the Minnesota State Fair this year was actually chocolate-covered bacon?!?! Separately? Yummy. Together? Ick!

  2. That’s funny. At the Texas State Fair this year they have Chicken Fried Bacon. You can get that with a side of deep fried banana split.

  3. Oh you are so missing out by not going to the store! They had racks and racks of clearance yesterday, easily 100 times what is on the website. The deals were awesome too. Kid’s pool towels for $2.99! Racks and racks of women’s tops for less than $10. Kid’s shorts for less than $5. The website also doesn’t do items like flipflops or casual sandals (not in the shoe department but next to the purses) or sunglasses (less that $2 there too). The sale was so good that I brought home a bag full of Christmas presents in addition to a bag full of clothes.

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