Vroom, vroom!

By Mir
September 7, 2008

Mario Kart for the Wii (with wheel) is now in stock at Amazon. It’s been out of stock for a long time, so this is an unexpected surprise.

Just in case you’ve been looking for it. For that Wii you don’t have. Or whatever. *whistling innocently*


  1. Gone already. Sigh.

  2. We were lucky that our local Game Stop got a bunch in a couple weeks ago (everywhere else has been sold out for a while or we just miss when they are in at those places). We had a gift card for there, too, since we had sold some things to them a couple months back.

    For those looking, keep checking GameStop’s website (if you have a local one), which is how we knew our local one had some in stock. It’s handy that they have local store’s stock listed online, so you don’t waste gas running around town looking for those things.

  3. Your kids must not read your shopping blog, Mir.

    Which is rather inobservant of them, doncha think? I think I would’ve been all over my mom’s blog (if she’d ever had one, twenty plus years ago), looking for Christmas/Bday clues.

  4. T just got this for his DS on Friday evening and it is apparently SOO! MUCH!! FUN!!! I’d bet it’s even MORE FUN!! for the Wii… 🙂

  5. Thank you so much, Mir! The kiddo has been wanting this for ages, and I couldn’t find it anywhere. Hanukkah present purchased.

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