Nintendo deals, in the palm of your hand

By Mir
September 8, 2008

I’ve been so Wii-focused lately (Wiivisioned? Wiicentric?) that I’d almost forgotten that one of the hottest holiday gifts for the last few years has been not the Wii, but the Nintendo DS. If you’re thinking about getting one, here’s one of those cases where shopping early could really pay off:

Right now at Toys R Us, they’re offering 25% off all Nintendo DSs when they’re purchased with a game and an accessory. So, for example, the Nintendo DS Guitar Hero bundle is considered to meet the criteria by virtue of being a console with a game and the guitar adapter thingie, so instead of the displayed price of $180, if you put it into your cart it drops down to $135, automatically.

Don’t want that one? It works on any DS console/game/accessory combo. (Consider buying a stylus pack. My kids have already lost several styluses. Stylii? Whatever.) Works in-store, too, if you feel like shopping in-person.

Will there be holiday-time deals on DSs? Maybe. But the closer we get to Christmas, the harder they’ll be to find. Consider buying now and saving yourself the aggravation, later, when everyone is sold out.


  1. Mir, I can’t tell you how timely this is for us! My oldest daughter is 18 and works, and she misses playing the DS (ours got broken) and has mentioned that she wants to buy one. Thank you for the heads up on this!

  2. Dang.. you just had to go and tell me about this I have been mulling over getting one for myself! grr! ahh!! man.. I have the $$ too!

  3. FWIW, my Toys R Us actually 3 Wiis in stock when I went in. By the time I left, they were all sold.

  4. Bought a set my my 8 year old daughter today! Its a great deal!

  5. Has anyone tried this in-store?? I called mine today and they new nothing abouit it.

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