Win a healthier smile

By Mir
September 8, 2008
Category Contests

Is your dentist like mine? My dentist wants to tell me, every time I go in there, how I should be using an ultrasonic toothbrush. Preferably the one he sells right there in the office. I’m sure that’s a coincidence.


The fact of the matter is, though, ultrasonic toothbrushes do get your teeth cleaner, and keep your gums healthier. They’re just more expensive than a regular toothbrush, and then you have to try to put a price on dental hygiene and then—if you’re me—your head explodes.

So let me make it easy for you: How about this nice Ultreo Ultrasound Toothbrush? It slices! It dices! It makes perfect julienned potatoes every single time!

Wait. No. It doesn’t do any of those things, but it does get your teeth and mouth really, really clean with advanced technology. And you could win one, which would make the price… let’s see… oh, that’s right, absolutely free. Because I’m giving one away, and one lucky reader is going to experience the microbubble magic for themselves.

For a chance to win, simply leave a comment on this post by 3:00 p.m. Eastern (noon Pacific) on Wednesday, September 10th, 2008. One comment per person, valid email address required, telling me what you’ll do with your old toothbrush if you win this one is optional but might be amusing. Winner to be determined by random number generation and minty freshness.

Ready? Go!


  1. My dentist has also been after me to buy one of these. Winning one sounds so much better!

  2. My old toothbrush will be demoted to bathroom floor grout-cleaner.

  3. scrubbing ring around the collar

  4. It will just be thrown out because it’s time for a new toothbrush anyways and my grout is covered. 🙂

  5. I love contests!

    The old one can go in the shoe shine kit!

  6. The old one will clean the horrible sink that needs replaced, I’m sure!

  7. Me, Me, Me….I want it!!!! 😀

    (Does begging help?)

  8. I’d be happy to donate my old toothbrush.. Any takers?

  9. I would throw it away!

  10. If I win this new fangled tooth cleaning tool, I will give my old brush to my mom so she can brush her dog’s teeth with it. Might help his breath some…….

  11. Oh, me me me me. You don’t want to know how many fillings I’ve had.

  12. I would love this toothbrush!

  13. My old one would be used to clean all the gunk on my sink faucet.

  14. My dentist would be so proud if I had a super duper toothbrush like this.

  15. This sounds great, thank you!

  16. I was considering put this on my christmas list too!

  17. old toothbrush? straight to the trash!

  18. ooh ooh, fancy.

  19. I could really use one of these. My Dentist told me to go buy one….then gave me a cheapy manual one. Bummer!

    Would love to win one!!!!

  20. What will I do with my old toothbrush if I win?

    Why use it for cleaning my cat’s water fountain, of course! Toothbrushes are awesome for cleaning out the slime and cat hair that collects in the motor:) And yes, after 2 grand of dental work recently, I REALLY want to win this!! I’m too broke to buy one.

  21. pick me!!

  22. I’ll demote my old toothbrush to be the kids’. Not the brush heads, mind you, but the electric base will be theirs now.

  23. Hope I win this one.

  24. I guess I’ll keep my old toothbrush actually, and give this fancy shmancy one to my husband. My teeth are easier than his, so he’d benefit more. man, that deserves wife points right? right?

    SO, DH would probably add his to the garage stash of necessary tools.

  25. I would demote my current toothbrush to the cleaning dept located under the sink. Its good for getting at the grime around the faucets, not that there is ever grime there. 😉

  26. Ooohhhh….if I win (which I won’t since the random number generator hates me) I would let my daughter have the old base to mine and then use hers to clean in the bathroom (I hate grout!

  27. I’m needing a new electric toothbrush.

  28. My very old electric is ready for the trash!

  29. My dentist would love me to get one of these too… he says I brush too hard with a standard one, even if I go for the soft bristles. So – my old brush would be headed straight for the trash!

  30. I would love to win one of these and so would my teeth and I’m sure my dentist would as well! thanks 😉

  31. My nasty old toothbrush will go straight to the trash! I keep forgetting to buy a new one!

  32. Just under the wire!! Save me from another implant/root canal/bridge, please… (even a REALLY HOT Dentist doesn’t make it bearable!)

  33. oh man, oh man, oh man! I would LOVE to have one of these, but I also will never probably buy one. I would give my toothbrush to my girls, who are 3 and 1.5, as they are totally into cleaning (we’ll see how long that lasts…).

  34. Wow! What a great prize! Pick me, oh, pretty random number generator!

  35. Man, and I was saying I could really use some julienned potatoes. Dang. Oh, well, I’d still love a toothbrush!

  36. Are you kidding? That’s how my kids get new toothbrushes – there’s nothing wrong with hand-me-downs!

    Ewwwww, j/k.

    I’d throw it away, of course.

  37. If I win, I’ll allow my current toothbrush to join all of the other toothbrushes that have gone off to some mysterious abyss never to be found again.

  38. My old toothbrush will be used to scrub baseboards. Will it help the random number generator to know that it is my birthday this month? =)

  39. I’ve been considering one of these for a while. Sure would be nice to have one handed to me:-)

  40. I could definitely use this! My old toothbrush… hmmm…probably the trash.

  41. Clean my rings with it, then trash! Thanks, Mir.

  42. I will use my old toothbrush to clean around the faucets before my mother-in-law gets here.

  43. Pick me…Please?

  44. I could give the old one to my husband as a hand-me-down. He’s never awake enough in the morning to notice, anyway!

  45. Brush my dog’s teeth? 🙂

  46. Lovely Prize!

    Count us in please!

  47. I could really use some extra clean teeth. Pick me, pick me.

  48. …::crosses fingers::…

    My old toothbrush will become a magic fairy wand that, when waved, cures diseases and brings about world peace. Sound good?

  49. Will it get a lovely vegan dinner in the crockpot for me every morning, to be ready when I get home every night? It will? perfect!

  50. I would love to have that minty-fresh just-left-the-dentist-office-clean feeling all the time!!

  51. I will be able to let my kids keep my old toothbrush, which I strongly suspect may have already been used to a)scrub a dinosaur’s teeth or b) brush a dolly’s hair. Ew. Lucky me!

  52. Consider me bowing before the random generator gods, offering up old toothbrushes as sacrifices.

  53. Hello, winner right here.

  54. Ok, I’m a thrifty but not cheap guy. I enjoy a good bargain hunt (hence my participation in wantnot!) but who doesn’t? Anyway, I’ve been looking to replace the seen-better-days soft-pink toothbrush given to me by my dear wife. It was a freebie from her dentist and at the time I needed a new toothbrush. She didn’t think my desire to save on a decent toothbrush would be stronger than my pride so I’ve faithfully used my medium bristled, dentist’s name embossed, bright pink toothbrush to it’s fullest potential. It’s a bit of a joke as we chuckle every night getting ready for bed. I’d love to replace it with another fine freebie. Does it come in pink?

  55. We’ll be using it to scrub around where the toilet seat meets the toilet!

  56. My old toothbrush would go straight in the trash!

  57. The kids like making fancy paintings with old tooth brushes! It would be flicking and spraying paint, that is where my old one would go! Is this weird?

  58. This would be great!

  59. I would love to give this a try!

  60. I have a thing for toothbrushes. No, seriously.

  61. This is my lucky number.

  62. Would love one.

  63. I use Preserve toothbrushes made by Recycline – my toothbrushes get recycled!

  64. Did you notice on the amazon site that they have listed used toothbrushes? Vwhat? So perhaps I will sell my old one to amazon.

  65. I would use my old toothbrush to clean the grout in the shower.

  66. I’d just toss the old one…no one deserves to have to use it–and I think I could safely say it would never happen that I would actually scrub anything with a toothbrush. Not saying I shouldn’t, just saying I won’t!

    Thanks for the contest!!

  67. According to my brother who is a dentist, these really are the way to go. Great give-away!!

  68. I will use it to clean the grasshopper habitat my son uses for all kinds of gross bugs.

  69. I could definitely use this toothbrush!

  70. Well, let’s just say the grout in our kitchen could use a good scrubbing, and it just might get it if I win a new toothbrush.

  71. My old toothbrush would be a great powered cleaner for other things – cool!

  72. Since I haven’t been to the dentist in over 7 years, I have not been harassed to get one of these. Am I still allowed to play?

  73. I would LOVE this!!

  74. Oooh! Clean teeth and tire rims.

  75. Mmmmmm. Ultrasonic brushing! Yeah!

  76. ooh, a new toothbrush! the old one would be demoted to grout or the occasional jewelry cleaning.

  77. I think my dentist would swoon if I got one of these!

  78. I like clean teeth- so does the dentist…

  79. I would love to win it!

  80. I’d love a fancy new toothbrush! Thanks for making somebody’s teeth prettier.

  81. I’d simply toss the old cheapie toothbrush.

    Pick me, pick me!

  82. dentist would love you. Random number generator, oh please pick me!

  83. No potatoes!?! Well, I suppose I’d take one anyway.

  84. I’d love to trade up from my Oral B Spinbrush.

  85. I will pass my old brush down to my cat if I get this one! Need it, too, because last time I went to the dentist I had four cavities.

  86. I’d love to win one of those for my teenage boys. One has just got his braces off ( and he has a $9000 SMILE!) and the other son will have his on for at least another 8 months. I have wanted to buy one for them, but something else just pops up ( like new brakes on my car last week). Our dentist says that it cleans the teeth and gums so much better and helps with the braces. So, if I could win one, it would go to Ross and Taylor (16 and 15 years old).

  87. My old toothbrush will go in the trash, because if I decide to use it for anything else, like scrubbing grout, I will inevitably find it the next day in my 2 year old’s mouth. Eww!

  88. Save my gums! I think I will donate my used one to a political candidate. 🙂

  89. Lovely clean teeth…yes please 🙂

  90. Ooo, please.

  91. I could use one of these! Thanks for another great contest!

  92. I’d toss it under the sink for the next gross cleaning job.

  93. I would love it!

  94. I would add it to my sculpture of old toothbrushes – my ode to dental hygiene.

  95. I’ve been wanting one of those!

  96. Mee mee meeeee!!!!


  97. Free is almost always good!

  98. I want it. I can’t find a toothbrush I like and I don’t want to buy and expensive one in case I don’t like it either. I’d much rather try it for free.

  99. Hmmm, I suppose my old toothbrush would be promoted to craft paint splatterer….

    Btw, how are those ultrasonic toothbrushes at cleaning veggies?

  100. Following the domino theory…

    I will flash bright pearly whites with my new toothbrush.

    My old Braun will go to my 8-yr-old (yes, with a new brush head!)

    HIS old Braun will go to the 3-yr-old, because it has Mickey Mouse on it and therefore the 8-yr-old can’t possibly go near that babyish thing.


    They grow up so fast

  101. My old toothbrush will be promoted to Toothbrush Emeritus, still drawing a healthy salary without having to do any work at all!

  102. Oh, man. Without dental insurance this would surely help keep my mouth from more cavities!

  103. After a soak in some disinfectant, my old toothbrush would definitely be used to scrub my kids toenails… as strange as that sounds!

    Our regular fingernail brush is too big to clean under their tiny toenails, but they like to run around barefoot in the yard and the dirt under their toenails totally icks me out.

    My manual toothbrush would probably be perfect for the job (their old ones are always too frayed)! LOL

  104. Ooh – our dentist just told my husband he needed to buy one of these too. If I win, I will pretend that I love him so much that I bought it for him myself.

    But I’d still be grateful!

  105. I’d keep my old toothbrush and give this one to my daughter with and her $5000 dental appliance.

  106. I have to say that my old brush would just be pitched. Or I suppose I could toss it in the recycle bin. Anyone know what kind of plastic is typically used?

  107. I too “demote” old toothbrushes to scrubbing detail. They’re particularly good for all the gunk around the faucet.

  108. I’ll use it to clean around the outer edges of my sinks!!

  109. Pick me, pick me!!

  110. My toothbrush would be put in a shoe box and buried in the back yard.

  111. It would be crazy exciting to win, if only because I’ve been lusting after microbubbles (but not being able to justify the expense!) for so long!

    As for my old toothbrush, I have some college students who owe me community service… perhaps I’ll let them clean their hallways with it! 🙂

  112. I keep a collection of old toothbrushes in the laundry room, in the basement on the workshop bench, in the machine shed, heck, sometimes I have to get out a new toothbrush because my supply of old toothbrushes runs low! Can oldsters using poor grammar and run-on sentences win? Gee, I hope so.

  113. My old toothbrushes always go for the little, icky cleaning jobs, like around the faucet in the bathroom.

    I’ve always wanted to try one of the fancy electric ones, because I love taking care of my chicklet teeth!

  114. Oh yes, please! I need something to impress my dentist with. And “patented ultrasound waveguide technology with precisely tuned sonic bristle action” sounds like just the thing! 🙂

    Old toothbrush would go in trash.

  115. I will use my old toothbrush to ungunk the schmutz embedded on my dining room table, thanks to my two lovely children.

  116. My toothbrush would go on bathroom-scrubbing detail. Poor thing.

  117. Yay Teef brushin!

  118. My old toothbrush would be put to use cleaning the kitchen!

  119. Hmmmm. . .I think I was 119 last time. Maybe? I’m known to have luck with toothbrush stuff!!! Go 119!

  120. Pick me!!!!!!

  121. Oooh, Pretty Mir! Pretty Random Number Generator! Pick me, pick me!
    I probably should use my old one to brush my dog’s teeth…but, it would most likely get tossed into the box of cleaning supplies.

  122. Thanks Mir!

  123. The track on my shower doors is calling my old toothbrush.

  124. Well.. We’re in the middle of moving and my husband isn’t helping at all, so you can bet I’ll find some painful and inventive use for the old toothbrush.

  125. May the odds be with me.

  126. Ohhh! Pick me!

  127. Oh my teeth need this!!!

  128. Wow – lots of entries! Here’s hoping I’m the lucky one!

  129. Thanks!

  130. Give it a try….

  131. I’d love to win this. I’m tired of having a new crown every other year or so. Last year I graduated to root canal. Who knows what horrors are next for me if I don’t win.

    My old manual toothbrush will be used for cleaning–Fun!

  132. I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it.

    I plan to use my old one to clean my doormat.

  133. Would love a new fancy has all the bells n whistles toothbrush!! LOL

    My old one….I would clean something with it…the bathroom tile perhaps, my windows, maybe…..any small spot that needs a cleaning!!

  134. I use the old ones to clean grout in the shower.

  135. My husbands bathroom sink is terrible. How can anyone get a ink so dirty , so quickly?? That is what I would do with mine. give it to my hubby and make him clean his own sink, haha

  136. If I told you my teeth were disgusting, would you want to give it to me more? I would never say that even if it was true, which it isn’t. Isn’t true at all. I brush every hour and floss every half hour. It keeps me quite busy. I keep a dentist hostage in my garage for emergencies, like a post cookie cleaning emergency.

    (Actually, my teeth are just clean enough, brushed the normal amount, seen by the dentist twice a year – in his office, not the garage. I just couldn’t think of anything else to write.)

  137. Clean teeth!

  138. I would use it to scrub hard to reach spots in the bathroom.

  139. I plan on turning my old toothbrush into a vanity mirror so that I can admire my brilliant smile gleamed from the Ultreo Ultrasound Toothbrush! I love your give aways – fun stuff!

  140. Woohoo! My old toothbrush will help clean the corners of the shower.

  141. I too have been a bit ‘frugal’ to buy one of these fancy toothbrushes – how I’d love the problem of deciding what to do with my pretty toothbrush holder that currently sits on my counter if I won 🙂

  142. I never knew the thought of a new toothbrush could be so exciting!!! What I’ll do with my old one if I win… ummmm… throw it in the trash???

  143. I don’t have a dentist to bother me about buying one! But if I could WIN one, I still wouldn’t need the dentist! How logical and perfect is that!

  144. I’d love a new toothbrush & this one sounds great!!

  145. Well I have been thinking that blue mark on my toothbrush that is suppose to tell you when to change has been missing for a LONG time, so this would probably be a GREAT step up. As for what to do with it, hmm maybe I should pass on its great cleaning power to the tub and get that black guck out of the grout…. or not

  146. Well, I won’t use my old toothbrush to clean the cats teeth, not even if you promise to pick me. (I like my body relatively whole and scratch-free). But I really do want the toothbrush. I would actually probably give it to my son who has trouble cleaning around his braces. Besides my dentist told me I’d be facing thousands of dollars in dental bills if I didn’t get a fancy toothbrush, so I already have one – and I still have hefty dental bills. sigh.

  147. ME ME ME!

  148. I would love one of these! I would give my old one to my god daughter to use to make paintings with it and see what neat deigns we could come up with!

  149. fingers crossed

  150. I’d love one!

  151. With my old one, I would get down on my hands and knees and scrub my kitchen floor to it’s brightest and shiniest. Oh wait, no I wouldn’t. I’ll just throw it away and imagine what it would look like to have a sparkling clean floor…

  152. Wow, I definitely need this one!

  153. OOh this would be fantastic!!!!

  154. Would love to win one of these! The old one just needs to be thrown out! Just found your blog a couple days ago and have REALLY been enjoying it! Thanks!

  155. Oooh, so fancy! Count me in, keeping my fingers and toes crossed that I win…

  156. Me please!

  157. I’ll be scrubbing the crevices around the faucet.

  158. I’d still be ugly, but this would help! A little! OH NOEZ!

  159. Oh boy! I need a new electric toothbrush!

  160. Please, please, please!
    I would use my old toothbrush to clean my bathroom tile before my landlords come inspect the apartment!

  161. Yes please!

  162. This would be great!

  163. Micro bubble action…what more needs to be said?

  164. Oh, boy do I need one of those.

    And my old one … will actually go in my handbag for those times when I need a toothbrush at work or out with friends. Waste not, want not, right?

  165. If I won this toothbrush, I would give it to my 13yr. who has been begging for an electric brush since getting her braces. Her old brush would be promoted to “official” cleaner of floorboard crevices. Thanks

  166. We use old toothbrushes to clean all those small spots when washing our cars. They are great for getting around license plates, door handles, and roof racks.

  167. I’ll clean something (jewelry? grout?) with my old one. Or just throw it out.

  168. This would be great!! Thanks!

  169. What would I do with my old toothbrush? Hmmm…pass it on to my husband, of course! 😉 Just kiddin’
    heh heh

  170. I’ll donate my older, slower not sonic one to charity if I win this one.

  171. Yeah for clean teeth!

  172. I would say I would clean something with my old toothbrush, but I have too many old toothbrushes with my cleaning supplies to ever need another one for cleaning. So, if Mr. R. N. Generator picks me, I’ll just be trashing my old toothbrush.

  173. I love my sonic toothbrush, but I can’t bite the bullet to buy one for my 12 year old son. His ortho would thank you!

  174. I don’t have any clever ideas for my old toothbrush…I usually just plunk them in the trash. 🙂 But I would love to win this new one!

  175. I miss my sonic toothbrush… I hope I win!

  176. pick me, pick me… my cat’s can use the downgraded one!!

  177. Although my dog doesn’t get his teeth brushed very often, he’d be getting an upgrade if I win this!

  178. commenting

  179. lucky number 179

  180. this is one of those things I really don’t like to spend money on! Winning would be great!

  181. Wow! Lots of dirty mouths around here. Count me in.

  182. count me in on this one! let’s just say it’s time for a new toothbrush and this one would be fabulous!!!! thanks mir!

  183. The probably already past it’s prime toothbrush will most likely be resigned to a life of cleaning things, and then it will realize that it had it sooooo good before.

  184. I’ll be passing my old toothbrush down to my kids, as always. It’s economical.

  185. I sure could use this!!!

  186. Here’s hoping for cleaner teeth!

  187. ooooh! Toothbrush!

  188. I can have a contest to see who wins my “Old Fashioned Non Electric Toothbrushes”. Maybe we could make more winners.

  189. Old toothbrush=easy way to clean the cupholders in my car. (Also the icky steering wheel)

  190. Escogeme! Is it more attention getting in Spanish? Hope so!!!

  191. My dentist is all about the cosmetic stuff. AKA, the not covered by insurance but lines his pockets stuff. Maybe I need a fancy toothbrush so I can blind him with my clean teeth.

  192. I need it because I never get anything fancy for myself lol

  193. I would give mine to my wonderful husband to clean something 🙂

    … or just throw it away…

  194. I wants a spensive supercool toothbrush that can save the world… oh… it just cleans teeth… I’ll take that too.

  195. We just bought another box of Sonicare toothbrushes, so the whole family has a matching set; I can always give it away to a friend, though! Anyway, I just wanted to say that ultrasonic toothbrushes are totally worth the ~$100 from Costco. I have naturally straight but decay-prone teeth, and I will never ever go back to a normal toothbrush.

  196. I would love one. Thanks.

  197. I want clean teeth. I want clean teeth.

  198. Anything that would help my teeth, would be wonderful, they unfortunately need all the help they can get!!!!

  199. Pick me 🙂 Who doesn’t want clean teeth?

  200. My teeth are ready

  201. My husband is obsessed with his teeth. He’s tried every cleaning gadget/cream/whitening tray out. Just hasn’t pulled the trigger on getting one of these… What a wonderful surprise it would be to win this for him! As for his old toothbrush, I’ll probably put it with our collection of other old, used toothbrushes…just never been able to throw them out! I never know when I’ll need something to brush out a stain or clean out the kitchen colanders with!

  202. Can I use my old one to clean my children’s ears?

  203. Cleaning the fiance’s sandals. Sigh. A new fancy toothbrush would be nice …

  204. me likey new toothbrush

  205. Scrubing group I am sure.

  206. I just found out TODAY that I have a cavity. I NEED to win this thing!

  207. I already have grout-dedicated toothbrushes, so I’d just chuck the old one! The old, blue-indicator-worn-away, outward-bent-bristle one. Seriously time for a new brush!

  208. I just started bleaching my teeth, oh how this would send me over the edge! How exciting!

  209. I wanna win!

  210. If I win, my tooth brush would make an under the rim of the toilet cleaner. There’s no other way to get it very clean.

  211. I would LOVE ONE!!!! Enter me, please, into the contest. (I had to add the “into the contest part” because it looked dirty without it!)

  212. I love clean teeth!

  213. I would fashion my old toothbrush into a plant stake and grow a Venus Fly Trap. 🙂

  214. I love me some clean teeth too! Pick me – you are so pretty!

  215. Llamas have really big teeth, so we need really good toothbrushes and go through them like nobody’s business. 🙂


  216. If I won this, my receding gums and I would thank you.

  217. mine might mysteriously be stolen by a band of neurotic orange monkeys…:)

    pick me!

  218. please??

  219. me, me!

  220. I can always use a new toothbrush.

  221. I’ve been wanting one forever!

  222. This would be great. Thanks

  223. I would love to win this!

  224. Mine is going to Toothbrush Heaven!

  225. I love electric toothbrushes!

  226. I have lived a life deprived of an electronic oral device. Pick me!

  227. I would love this new brush. Will use the old one as a Wedding Ring Cleaner for those hard to reach spots!! 🙂

  228. I’d love to have a new one, I am currently using a sonicare and love it, but the battery is just about dead…

  229. My teeth beg the random number generator for some ultrasonic intervention.

    The old toothbrush will join the other old funky toothbrushes under the sink where by day they occasionally clean grout or tub funk but by night they frequent the old funky toothbrush nightclubs and shake a frayed tailfeather. (??? i never sleep, so i’m allowed to not make sense)

    Thanks for the offer!

  230. Lucky number 230- for happy teeth

  231. Would love a fancy-schmancy toothbrush that I’d never spring for myself! 😀

  232. If I win, I promise to use my old toothbrush to clean …something! No, really!

  233. Oooh! I would love an Ultreo Ultrasound Toothbrush. We are very pro-minty freshness in the Binky household. My husband and my old toothbrush will be SO JEALOUS!

  234. I would use my old toothbrush to clean that tiny space between the faucet and handles of our bathroom faucet.

    pretty boring, huh?

  235. A long, bad, sad day has made me incapable of being funny regarding uses for my old toothbrush, but I would very much like to have a shiny new ultrasonic one, please.

    And yes, I know that is a run-on sentence. See above re: “long, bad, sad day.”

  236. Hi Mir,
    Don’t you think that it is kind of a rip off that you get a brand new set of teeth after only 6 or 7 years of life and then you have to make the ones you get last for another 80 years or so? I say whatever it takes to make them last, you better do it or have clackety dentures like my Grandma did. I would love to win this new ultrasonic toothbrush to give me another 30 or so good years for my teeth. Hope to hear from you soon!

  237. My old electric toothbrush thing died a few months ago and my “normal” toothbrush just doesn’t clean as well. *sighs* I’d gladly get rid of my old one (just plain old throwing it away, alas) and replace it with a better version.

    Thanks, Mir!

  238. Pick me! Please!

  239. who says i have a toothbrush now!?!
    bye bye fuzzy teeth.

  240. If I got a new ultrasonic toothbrush I would be very happy. My dentist would be doubly happy, because my teeth will sparkle and my gums will be healthy and happy, ANNND…he’s my landlord and I’ll polish all the chrome in this house with the old one!!

  241. I’d love to have one! I’d use the old one to let the kid flick paint for splatter art…

  242. It’s about time I did something right in the dental dept. Fingers crossed!

  243. I totally agree with Cheryl. We should get to keep our baby teeth longer. The grown-up ones look just ridiculous in eight-year-old mouths, don’t you think? 😉

    If I win, of course I’ll use my old toothbrush to clean out the tiny areas around my kitchen sink that get so dang cruddy. (The My Little Pony toothbrush that we’re currently using there is on its last legs.)

  244. My old one will get demoted to grout cleaner too!

  245. What an awesome giveaway!

    My old toothbrush would be cleaning the grout in the shower. How lucky for my old toothbrush.

  246. I would love this!!

  247. My old toothbrush will be used on the cat.

  248. I would love this (although I fear if I win, my husband or children would brush their teeth with it behind my back to test it out)! AAACCKKKk —Never been one of those people that could share a toothbrush!

  249. Amie W! That is so wrong! 🙂

    I would love one of these!

  250. I will hermedically seal it in a zip lock baggie and put it in the “big” garbage can to be taken away on a getting cooler Thursday morning

  251. Microbubble magic and a chance to have julienned teeth? Count me in!

  252. pick me!!!! pick me!!!

  253. This would be an awesome birthday present for me (three days early – but that’s okay!!)

  254. that would be a wonderful late bday gift for me… my bday was on friday!

  255. I would totally be using my old toothbrush to clean out the crevices around my faucets which are so icky right now I want to scream. 🙂 Awesome giveaway, Pretty Mir!

  256. I have heard that old toothbrushes are good to clean the grout between tile. I just “heard” that – never tried it.

  257. Thanks for reminding me that I need to go to the dentist this month!

  258. My old one could be used to scrub all of the grime off the kitchen sink faucet.

  259. It will not break! It will not break! … It broke.

  260. Pick me! Pick me! 🙂

  261. Does #252 ever win? My teeth would appreciate it.

  262. Sounds great. While there are probably a dozen things I could do with my old toothbrush, I’ll probably just throw it away. Thanks!

  263. another chance to be minty fresh!!

  264. Not to go for the sympathy vote, but I have a three hour teeth cleaning tomorrow that is called a limited root and scale. I guess it is not fun. This will help keep me from having to repeat it!

  265. Can’t think of anything creative that has not been said, but I’m sure I’d put the old and the new to good use.

  266. I’ve got dental phobia, if it helps with less scraping… I’ll be glad to win!

  267. Fantastic! I’m in!

  268. I need a new toothbrush! Pick me, please.

  269. discard my old one.

  270. Tell the truth, I’d probably use my old toothbrush to supplement the new one. On the teeth I have left. I have bad enamel, you see. My front teeth are bad bondings, and what’s left of the back are all fillings. Not cool, I know. I’d love to get veneers someday, but until then, I’d brush with the old one AND the new one.

  271. I wont one.

  272. I’ve wanted one of these for a long time. Crossing my fingers.

  273. I so would love a free one. My dentist has been hounding me to buy one and i’ve been too cheap. Free is just my price.

  274. My dentist swears by these things too. I got one for myself, but it would be great for the kids, too.

  275. This would be great! I like to use my old toothbrushes to scrub around the kitchen and bathroom faucets where grime collects. I actually enjoy cleaning that part. It’s a sickness, I think.

  276. Cool…I could use a good toothbrush! 😉

  277. OK,this one I really do need!

  278. This would be great for my hubby. My little baby dropped his in the toilet the other day and I forgot to mention it until hubby was using it. I swear I forgot!

  279. I would love to feel like I had a teeth cleaned everyday. The old one, GONE. Happy Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  280. Toddler loves our current electronic toothbrush so perhaps he could inherit it, or at least play with it— see encouraging good hygiene in the young as well.

  281. I would love this. I would use my old one to chase the dog around and brush his teeth with it.

    Pick me Pick me!!!

  282. I am not brushing my teeth til I win something.

  283. would love one!

  284. oh hell yeah.

  285. My old toothbrush will be used by my children to scrub something. I haven’t decided what and which child. It depends on who is naughty next, and how naughty.

  286. My old one will be assigned to remove the sticky soda residue from that weird crevice in the car that I haven’t been able to reach for a couple of years.

  287. Woo! I love sonic toothbrushes! Mine is getting old.

  288. now THIS is a contest I need to win.. I know whining that chemo was terrible on my teeth won’t get me any points with the magic number generator… but it can’t hurt trying…right? 😀

  289. Please please!

  290. I think I’ll use my old toothbrush to brush the dog’s teeth, I’m getting an upgrade!

  291. I have tile on my bathroom counters. The grout sure could use a good scrubbing and my old toothbrush would be perfect for the job.

  292. Our family totally needs one of these. I’m tired of financing the dentists vacation home!

  293. My toothbrush will be tossed in the garbage 🙂

  294. pick me pick me. My toothbrush will become a grout cleaner.

  295. How about….I’ll give the old one to my cat.

  296. ooh, la la!

  297. My dogs could probably use my old toothbrush. 🙂

  298. me!

  299. My husband can use mine and I’ll use the new one!:)

  300. Thanks!

  301. oooh, use it to clean my shower heads and faucets… sounds fun right? I’d love a new fancy dancy toothbrush!

  302. My old toothbrush would probably just get thrown in the trash. It’s about time for a replacement anyways.

  303. My old one will clean grout, brush the dog’s teeth, change the oil in my car, help my older child w/ her homework AND play wiffleball w/ my 4 yr old. Wait, I don’t want your crispy new one after all…well, yes I do.

  304. I will use my old toothbrush to conduct the NY Philharmonic. But only if they call me back.

  305. My old one would go straight to the trash.

    Come on lucky number 304!

  306. i’ll give my old one to my husband. 😉

  307. This toothbrush looks so cool. I can’t believe I just wrote that!

  308. ooh, DH’s dentist just told him last week he needs one of these

  309. If I promise to send you pictures of me cleaning my blinds with my old toothbrush, will you put in a good word for me with the random number generator? 😉

  310. I will probably move my old toothbrush to a nice retirement community. I will have enough money if I don’t have to buy the expensive one on my own. 🙂

  311. My old toothbrush will go out to my hubby’s garage to be used for cleaning car parts! Impressive, eh? 🙂

  312. I’d … … … working my teaching job, at the county fair, and being a mommy and wife this week… i got nuthin’

  313. My husband could really use one of these!

  314. i would love one.

  315. brushy brushy brushy…..come play at my house!

  316. I need a new toothbrush…would love to try this one!

  317. I actually have never heard of that. But it sounds cool!
    My old one will be set on fire for the sheer amusement 🙂

  318. the old one would be the official dead-bug-in-the-sliding-door-jamb-getter-outer. gotta love life on the gulf coast!

  319. I would love to have this! Maybe with this my next trip to the dentist won’t be so dreadful!!

  320. oh that sounds like a really cool toothbrush! I think my old one would be good for nitty-gritty cleaning the sinks

  321. Oh please, dear Mir, pick me! My teeth are begging you!!

  322. I will use my old toothbrush for polishing my dress shoes, since I’ve heard it’s good for that. I have never actually polished my shoes though, but I feel like it’s time to start!

  323. Wow! I luv me some sonical teef-brush! Ol’ one gonna be junked.

  324. Mmm! Clean teef!!

  325. I would love to win a healthier smile. Thanks!

  326. Please?

  327. I want one, pretty please??? I will use my old toothbrush to clean around the sink in the kitchen…that grungy stuff that sticks to the edge of the sink where it meets the formica countertop…no, just me, no one else has that?

  328. I would have to throw the old one away. The thought of scrubbing the kitchen with the same tool that cleans my mouth is a little disgusting.

  329. Winning something would be amazing. I am sure there is something other than my teeth that the old toothbrush could clean.

  330. Nothing exciting with my old toothbrush…thinking about getting a family fish…mabye use it to clean the tank?? Thanks, Mir 🙂

  331. I will scrub the toilet with it!

  332. I’m going to save my old toothbrush so I can show my kids how we used to have to brush our teeth manually without the fancy electric ones like the one I am about to win =)

  333. Pick me, PLEASE!
    My old brush will be happy to continue cleaning my daughters’ baby doll’s “teeth!”

  334. well since I just opened a new one maybe I could use it on the doggie’s teeth (that is the old new one)!

  335. I haven’t been to a dentist in over 30 years. Can you IMAGINE how happy my teeth would be with an ultrasonic brush? I’m just sayin’.

  336. I’d use my old one to perfect the art of cat-tooth-brushing…

  337. Sure, I’d love a supersonic toothbrush…

  338. I’d gladly retire my old toothbrush for a shiny new sonic toothbrush!

  339. Wheee, clean teeth!

  340. oo I hope I get picked!

  341. Pick me, Pretty Mir!

  342. My old toothbrush will be given to the baby to enjoy as a teething aid. He already thinks it is one!

  343. Clean teeth, yay!

  344. Wow, Pick Me! thank you!!

  345. My brush will go to the toothbrush graveyard under the sink for all those disgusting scrubbing jobs.

  346. OK, I’m really hoping to win this for my husband (again!) Thanks, Mir!

  347. My old brush will be given to my dog!

  348. i would lobe this–thanks!

  349. Cool give-away! Thanks!

  350. My old toothbrush will be given to my cat!

  351. Into my husband’s took box for the old one – he always finds something to do with them!

  352. My daughter with braces could really use this!!

  353. this is awesome… my enamel is wearing off my teeth and I can use any help I can get!

  354. I think the old one will work nicely as a grout scrubber… but I’d rather toss it than scrub grout.

  355. Me Me me! Pick Me!

  356. I really need this! I’d love to demote my current toothbrush to gunk around the sink cleaner.

  357. i have a lot of extra time on my hands, so i thought about getting down to the little crevice between the baseboard and the wall and scrubbing really well…until it shined. if i had an ultrasonic toothbrush this would become entirely possible. i mean i am not going to go out and buy another toothbrush to do this, but if i happened to win a new one, my old one could be recylced into its new life as cinderella’s little helper…

  358. I would donate my old toohbrush to my son, with a new head of course because his is broken.

  359. My old toothbrush will spend its remaining days doing battle with my life-long nemesis, the crud around the faucets.

  360. me, me, me! I would love to win this!

  361. I’d donate my old one to a summer camp so that the next naughty child sentenced to cleaning toilets with their toothbrush can get off a little easier and spend the rest of the summer without having to taste Lysol toilet bowl cleaner after every meal. 😉

  362. Pick me! I would donate my old toothbrush to the cleaning bucket.

  363. Maybe my boy would brush without as much complaint with a cool new toothbrush!

  364. I think I’d try to get my husband to use my toothbrush (an electric with replacement heads) in place of his manual. I have a stash of replacement heads – couldn’t let them go to waste!

  365. Oh, I love brushing my teeth, don’t you? There’s even a little song about it…”When you wake up in the morning and it’s quarter to one, you just want to have some fun. You brush your teeth. Ch, ch, ch…..” Oh well, It’s better with music.

  366. Ohh, to have clean teeth

  367. Please pick me!!!! I am a tooth fanatic so my old brush would go right in the trash:)

  368. Hooray for free stuff!! My old brush will probably become a handy dandy faucet scrubber (that area where the faucet and sink meets always gets so gross…eeewww! sorry too much info!)

  369. I’d love a chance to win! 🙂

  370. I SO need a new toothbrush!

  371. I will bronze my old toothbrush.

  372. My husband is a huge stickler for dental hygiene, but left his fancy rechargeable toothbrush in a hotel a few years ago and has been punishing himself for his carelessness by not allowing himself to buy a new one. I’ve been thinking about buying him one for his birthday, but how much better to win him one!

  373. I dig minty freshness! Plus winning this thing is probably the only way I’ll ever get one. Pick me!

  374. I’d use my old toothbrush to clean where the toilet seat attatches to the toilet. I watch my almost 5yo nephew every day – need I say more?

  375. My old toothbrush will be repackaged for an unwanted house guest. KIDDING!

  376. My grout could use a good scrubbing, so the old toothbrush will be put to good use!

  377. Mir – I am pregnant and just went to the dentist. He says I need a heavy duty cleaning and lots of work or else my teeth will fall out of my head! I could seriously use this freebie. I would be grateful and my dentist would be less scary……

  378. Oh boy, We just returned from the dentist and the ortho for my two children, 7 and 9. My 9 year old son needs this really bad. Both techs at the ortho said he was not getting his teeth clean enough!! He played with the toothbrush at the dentist and wanted one. I need to pay for the ortho before I can spend another hundred or so. HA. We would love to have this and of course the old brushes are used to clean the bathrooms.

  379. My shower grout is fearing and my anticipated pearly whites are smiling. Can’t wait!!

  380. Well, I would probably let it become the dog’s new toothbrush because . . . well . . . .enough said

  381. I will demote my toothbrush to bathroom duty

  382. I would love a new toothbrush 🙂

  383. What a great product. Would love to try it!

  384. Awesome! Pick me!

  385. Love it, pick me!

  386. I’ll give the old one back to my dentist if I win the new one!!

  387. Add me to the ‘it will become some sort of cleaning tool’ party.
    Yoooo Hoooo…. random number generator…. over here. *GRIN*

  388. Thanks for the chance to win a brand new tooth brush!

    I would use my old toothbrush for art. I would run it through the dishwasher to disinfect, and hand it over to my niece to use for painting. Instead of a paint brush, she often uses a tooth brush, and she makes interesting works of art. When she was really young, I would draw a picture of a tooth on a piece of paper, and give her a tooth brush so she could practice brushing the tooth. She had fun while learning a lesson, and she looked forward to brushing her own teeth.

  389. I’m in! Thanks!

    As for the old brush… I hear they’re good for scrubbing grout.

  390. I definitely need a new toothbrush for my son – anything that’ll inspire him to brush! He’s absolutely terrible about doing it, and a terrible liar about whether he’s done it or not! I either put toothpaste on his brush after he goes to bed and before dinner in order to make sure he’s brushed or hide the toothpaste and ask him where it was in order to see if he used it. However, the only absolute way to know he’s done it is a breath check, though that can be foiled by him simply getting toothpaste in his mouth. I don’t see why he’s going to such lengths to avoid brushing, the little twit! He’s 13, maybe it’s something to do with the ornery teenage years… totally frustrating! So a new toothbrush might just help this situation!

    Then onto finding a better way to see if he’s actually washed his hair in the shower or dipped his head into the running water (from outside the shower) and rubbed shampoo into it…

    When, oh when, will he outgrow this?!? Aye yi yi!

  391. Pick me! Pick me!

    I wear out my toothbrushes pretty quickly, so my current toothbrush would just go in the trash.

  392. I LOVE julienned potatoes!

  393. Yes please!

  394. ooo pick me!! pick me!!!

  395. Please pick me! Please! Please! Please!

  396. Count me in! Old one would just have to hit the trash…after I save the batteries out of it. HAHA

  397. I’m in for a cleaner mouth! 🙂 Thanks, Mir!

  398. I would love an electric toothbrush!!!

  399. I’ve been wanting one of these! Thanks! Jessica

  400. Please pick me… super gross, but if I win, I”ll use my old brush to clean the mildew out of our shower 🙂 Pretty please? If I send you a picture of the shower, would that help??

  401. Me! Me! Me! I lurve fancy toothbrushes.

  402. does this count as a comment?

  403. Yes PLEASE! I’ve been very torn as to which I need more – this fabulous toothbrush, or the money. Getting it free would solve that problem.

    The old toothbrush would be demoted to keyboard cleaner. Seriously, have you looked between your computer keys lately?? Yikes!

  404. I’ll pass my old t-brush on to the dog! Her breath is deadly. (Kidding.)

  405. I would love, love, love it! Thanks

  406. This would be wonderful! Pick me PLEASE!

  407. I’ll make my husband clean the bathtub grout with it. Not really, but I can pretend.

  408. My daughter wants one!!!

  409. My old brush will be used for scrubbing the crevices around my husband’s bathroom sink! If only I could get him to do it. . .

  410. What does the dentist of the year get?…A little plaque


  411. My dentist wants me to win this!

  412. I’ll use my old one for grout cleaning!

  413. Yes, my smile needs help. Both the laughter is the best medicine kind and this kind too. I’ll take either…

  414. My teeth would be so pretty!

  415. After my root canal yesterday, I definitely need this!

  416. Pick me! Pick me!

  417. My husband is in the process of some MAJOR dental work…I’m not looking forward to my trip to the dentist — maybe this will help! Count me in!

  418. Wow – my first reply anywhere…. Love this place. Old toothbrush – kaput, out, not for recyle may carry bacteria.

  419. My old toothbrush will finally retire into the cleaning kit to spend the rest of its days scrubbing tight spaces.

  420. I’ll let my husband use my old toothbrush to scrub our tiles clean 🙂

  421. My husband and I are obsessed with teeth whiting lately. I think this would really help!

  422. I’ll sell my old one on ebay.

  423. Wow, I’d love to win that!

  424. I love the web-site! My old toothbrush will be used to clean things, like the sink!!

  425. I have always wanted a healthier smile, and so has my dentist. Pick me!!! 🙂

  426. mmmm…clean teeth!!

  427. Our dentist has recommended these, or similar ones.

  428. It would make a great gift!

  429. Yay for giveaways! Thanks Mir!

  430. Pick me, please. I could use a lucky day.

  431. I really could use one of these. Thank you Beautiful Mir.

  432. This would be for my husband. Thank you so very much.

  433. Considering that all of my old toothbrushes have ended up being used to clean some surface or another in my family’s house, if I win this toothbrush, my old one will probably be used when my taking five classes finally gets to me and I snap and end up cleaning in a fit of panic.

    I mean… um… hey, college life is messy! Help me make it be shiny and cockroach free!

  434. I want that sparkley smile!

  435. This would be great. If your processor randomly chooses me, I will allow you to choose what will happen to my current toothbrush from the following options:

    1) I will jab/poke/flick every person who has decided to do something lame with their old toothbrushes such as: “clean the bathroom basin” or “remove grout stains”.

    2) pluck each pathetic bristles out, one by one, and form some sort of log cabin style miniature home with them (all while watch Gilmore Girls, of course)

    3) hang the brush upside down in the entrance of my dentist off with a graphic suicide note.

  436. I would demote the old brush to toilet scrubbing!

  437. Maybe this time…

  438. I would mail it to Howard Stern and tell him he’s got some smut stuck in his teeth. :o)

  439. I would run over it with the car!

  440. Thanks for another great contest!

  441. Pick me!!!

  442. Good grief there are a lot folks ahead of me in line, but hey, maybe 443 will be my lucky #

  443. The old, “Clean the bathroom like this” job . . . Perfect for the truly misbehaving 14 year old who thinks he knows it all!!!!! Gotta love recycling!

  444. I would use my old one to clean shoes with!

  445. I know the odds are slim to none, but what the heck. Goodness knows my gums & teeth need a bit of help.

    Thanks, Mir.

  446. Sweet deal…maybe this could offset the grand I dropped at the dentist this week:(

  447. I’ll prob use my oldie to brush my dog’s teeth or clean his hair from my fan 🙂

  448. My old tooth brush will become a hamster massager.

  449. Pick Me! Pick Me!!!

  450. yay! i’d probably add it to my collection of “paint” toothbrushes that I let me students paint with sometimes!

  451. Probably send the electric bases with shiny new heads over to the kids’ bathroom. Perhaps they would brush more if it was more fun for them.

  452. My old one will turn into a stain cleaner one.
    Would love to have this new one!!!

  453. I like microbubble magic! Pick me!

  454. All the way from a business trip, I’m entering! Thanks!

  455. Love this blog and your sense of humor

  456. Weird, I just got my teeth cleaned yesterday and heard the lecture. That didn’t stop my dentist from handing me an old-fashioned, hand-operated, non-sonic, low-tech new toothbrush (and floss, always with the floss). So since it’s still in the package, I could donate it to charity. See how much good we can do in the world?

  457. Pick me!

  458. Oh, I’ll definitely go on a cleaning binge with my old toothbrush!

  459. I’ll brush my cat’s teeth with my old one.

  460. My son just got braces a few weeks ago. If I won this, I would keep it for him for at home and then send his old toothbrush to school with him so he could brush his teeth after lunch. Because I’m sure he’d actually go brush them, right? That wouldn’t be embarrassing to a 3rd grader in the least. Well, at least I could send it in his backpack/lunchbox and imagine he was brushing his teeth after lunch. That would make me feel better anyway.

  461. Will switch out and put my old toothbrush in my husband’s bathroom drawer. Might even swirl it in the cat’s water bowl first. Because he made me mad last night.

  462. My teeth would love this!

  463. Not sure what I’ll do with the old one, but the new one would sure help keep my dentist happy!

  464. I’m always late to these, but better late than never!

  465. Perhaps one of these would reduce my time in the hygienist’s chair.

  466. I am not sure if I am making hte deadline. But my mouth started to water when I came across this post. I would love to try a Ultrasonic toothbrush out, especially at this price!

    As for the old. It most likely will get put into the cleaning bin!

  467. An electric toothbrush is like a spa for your mouth!! I’d relegate my old toothbrush to other cleaning needs in the bathroom.

  468. My teeth need me to win!

  469. I would love to win! Tomorrow is my birthday! It could be a good-for-me birthday present, instead of cake. Which, while delicious, is not so good for my teeth.

  470. I will use it to clean the around the faucets in my bathroom!

  471. I will stop having to share the old electric toothbrush handle with my husband, whose rinsing-off techniques leave something to be desired.

  472. Oooh, I’d love to have this!

  473. Thanks for the chance to win this!

  474. I look for every chance to keep my teeth cleaner and happier since I have always been scared of the dentists (even though mine is the nicest) because of a bad incident when I was kid. I would love to win this!

  475. I’ll give the old toothbrush the heave-ho.

  476. My old toothbrush would be recycled, of course!

  477. I’d probably use my old toothbrush to polish the silver.

  478. I would…um…scrub the bidet with it? Not that we use the bidet…it holds my daughter’s tub toys!!

  479. LOVES it!

  480. Me please!!!

  481. This would be a great birthday gift for my hubby. Thanks!!!

  482. Please!

  483. My dentist would be thrilled if I won….Got a tongue lashing last visit after not being there for 2 years…YIKES! Luckily had no problems…

  484. Oooh, I’ve been wanting one of these fancy toothbrushes for a while…

  485. Woot!

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