Another sale at Kohls — try to contain your shock

By Mir
September 10, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I was sitting there waiting for my kids to finish up swim team practice, and two college girls were sitting behind me, lamenting their wardrobes. “I wonder if they’re having a sale at Kohls?” mused one of them.

I couldn’t help it. “Oh, honey,” I called over to her. “They are always having a sale at Kohls!” (How did she get to college without knowing that? I want to have a chat with her mama.)

Anyway, yes, check out the latest sales at Kohls, particularly because they’re offering free shipping on orders of $75+, automatically. If you don’t have a Kohls card, use code NEW4107 for an additional 10% off, and if you do have a card, combine PICK15EXTRA for 15% off with MVC6361 for free shipping on any order.

And yes, Virginia, there is a sale going on. Obviously.


  1. SO FUNNY — you have finally sold me on getting a Kohl’s card (I really don’t like to get store credit cards, but we have a toddler boy and a baby girl on the way and it has become our store of choice for them), and I was just getting ready to place an order when I thought, “hmmmm, I wonder if Mir has any good Kohl’s codes posted.”

  2. I was sneaky and got my hands on a 30% promo. YAHHOOOO! I totally love having the card, its the only store card for me! And as long as you pay a third of the balance, there are NO finance charges that month. So that and the many extra discounts really is great!

  3. Not to mention, when I signed up for my Kohl’s card, they let me make my purchase, get the discount, then pay the balance right then and there. (Do I get a prize for “Commenter With the Most Commas in a Single Sentence”?) It’s been over a year, so I am not sure if that is still the policy, but it was nice to not have to wait for the bill, forget I’d spent the money, etc.

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