It’s nearly jacket weather

By Mir
September 11, 2008

(Well, not for me. I live in Georgia, where we’ll start thinking about closing the pool around Halloween. But perhaps you don’t live here on the surface of the sun like I do.)

Need a lightweight jacket to head into Fall? The LL Bean Thurdsday Morning Markdown is a ladies’ warm-up jacket for $22 (down from $69). Use coupon code 3004365 to ship your order for free, too.

I might need one of these, actually. In December.


  1. I think there’s either a problem w/the link, or they are already out. When you click on the link, it flashes a red jacket for a nanosecond, then shows you the jacket in blue, black and gray – at full price. Even if you go into their sale section from the home page, same thing happens. Not sure what it means …. I wouldn’t pay full price for it, but at $22 shipped, I’d consider it!

  2. I can see the jacket for $22. In 2 colors, neither of which is red 🙂

  3. I think it’s gone already. Bummer.

  4. Now I see it at the lower price too – servers must have been slammed earlier!

  5. Not sure what’s going on, for women’s sizes, it shows a cute red one but when I try to put it in the “bag”, it tells me that it needs more info, which I assume means the size, for which there seem to be no options, grrrr….

  6. Only black XS is left….poo.

  7. I just got it in red at the lower price.

  8. Hi!
    They were all out when I checked this morning. Just checked now and they are back in stock! I picked up a red and a black one (just couldn’t decide which one I really wanted!!). They have a lot of different colors and sizes available now (2:35PM EST).

  9. I just got red as well . . .thanks Mir!

  10. got the one I wanted in blue. THANKS MIR!!!

  11. I bought in three colors (I’ve been on the look out for just such a deal) with no problems.

    Thanks for the post and the coupon code!

  12. I got the jacket today (Friday!) for $22 but the coupon code for free shipping didn’t work.

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