And to think I almost missed it

By Mir
September 16, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Remember how Amazon used to do those 24-hour sales on Monday on kitchen stuff? And then they stopped? And then I sort of forgot about it (whoops)? Well, I guess they’re starting it up again, except—lucky for me!—now it’s a 48-hour Kitchen and Home Sale! Which means that we didn’t miss it, because you still have all day today to check it out.

They have lots of great deals, including this set of cookie cutters which you not only need, you need to give them as Christmas gifts along with some gingerbread mix, this year, because those are hilarious. (Holiday teacher gifts—done!) [Edited to add: And they’re eligible for the 4-for-3 promo! Thanks, Janet!]

Don’t forget to click through the tabs across the top—there’s plenty more items than what shows up on the first page. And it won’t hurt my feelings if you want something besides the cookie cutters. I guess.


  1. AND those cookie cutters are eligible for 4-for-3 promotion! I just got 6 sets for 24.95! 🙂

  2. I have these cookie cutters and LOVE them. They work for just about any occasion too. I used them for a my brother in law’s bachelor party that my husband was hosting and made all the faces look scared and nervous about the big wedding day. These are really good quality cookie cutters too.

  3. The musical cake knife… IT LIVES!!!! 🙂

  4. I kind of like the Holy Toast stamp that popped up as a suggested item with the cookie cutters.

  5. Perfect! We do a little goodie for each of the preschool teachers and these are inexpensive enough to give to all of them plus the elementary teacher!

  6. Rats, I missed out on the cookie cutters. I’m sure they’ll go on sale again soon, right? Right?

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