The Wednesday Deals are back

By Mir
September 17, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Hey, JC Penney put up some Wednesday Deals, today. Last Wednesday I thought they skipped it, but I guess they ended up putting them up really late in the day.

A few cute things are available—kids’ luggage, some flannel sheets. Have a look.

Make your deal even sweeter, too: Use code SURVAUG8 for an additional 15% off.


  1. I didn’t have time to see if this would work or not but coupon code 33FS49 should get you free shipping on a $49 or more purchase.

  2. THANK YOU pretty Mir! Heads up the childrens luggage sets are free monogramming and CHEAP go check them out. Christmas shopping almost completed. Wohooo!

  3. The free shipping code doesn’t work for Wednesday deals. And the 15% off doesn’t work for everything either.

  4. Thank you Jayne! OMGosh all of my nieces and nephews are going to have matching duffel bags! And they will be able to tell them apart! Because they are monogrammed for free!! Can you tell I’m excited? 😀

  5. oh, and thank you pretty Mir! Sorry, I took you for granted there for a second or two 😉 Now go back to sleep 🙂

  6. cute flannel sheets and duffel bags and backpacks for the nieces and nephews! All 7 out of the way in one fell swoop.

    SURVAUG8 worked great for me.


  7. Woot! New Balance slides! Thanks for the heads up, Mir!

  8. Seven backpacks to me! Er…for seven nieces. Thanks!

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