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By Mir
September 20, 2008
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Need to do a little shopping this weekend? I’ve got you covered.

Let’s be BFFs! Well, let’s at least go shop the Best Friends Weekend at Old Navy, where coupon code BFF gives you 20% off and free shipping. Woo!

Doing some browsing at Kohls? If you’re a Kohls card holder, use code MVC2840 for free shipping and code MVCSAVE15 for 15% off (codes can be stacked). They’re having a Super Saturday sale, plus they’re offering free shipping on orders of $75+ today.

Overstock is offering 10% off memory foam and bedroom furniture this weekend, through that link. (Have I mentioned lately how I pink puffy heart Overstock? Because I do. My new china cabinet is here from them, bought for a song, and finally I am going to unpack the china and glassware that’s been sitting in boxes since my move of over a year ago.)

Here’s my food tip for the day: Are your children Craisin addicts? Mine are, and I’m tired of buying those dinky little bags at the grocery store—only when they’re on sale, of course—and running out a few days later, or feeling like I have to ration them. We snack on them, I use them in recipes, and there’s no such thing as too many. Which is why yesterday I bought myself a four pound box of dried cranberries. Much cheaper per ounce than the little bags, and they’ll keep in the fridge or freezer… assuming my kids don’t eat ’em all in the first two days.

Take $5 off your Babies R Us purchase this weekend with coupon code 924432.

Get your rugged outdoor footwear on, and check out the current promotion at 6pm: All Columbia footwear is $39.95 or less right now.

Don’t forget about Second Spin, my new favorite place to get gently used CDs, DVDs, and video games. Through September 25th, 2008, you can use code FSS19 to get free shipping on your entire order. (They have Wii games, just in case you didn’t get your fill during Amazon’s specials yesterday.)

Have fun!


  1. Looks like these are actually cheaper than the case. $24 for 6 lbs, so about $15 or $16 for 4 lbs for comparison.

    But I love that case. Its pretty sweet.

  2. This is actually regarding the Children’s Place sale/promo you listed a week or so ago…the code still works, and I just wanted to let people know what a good experience I had. I put in my purchase Friday evening (4 or 5 o’clock), used the promo code for my 10% off and selected $5 standard shipping. The full order arrived today, Saturday, before noon, sent by FedEx. !!!! Awesome !!!

  3. Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor loft both have either 20% or 25% off everything going on this weekend only, online and in stores.

  4. Everyone should be aware that the dried cranberries in the four-pound box have a whopping 26 grams of sugar per serving. That’s on a par with the richest ice cream you can get. And the brand-name ones, Craisins, are even worse at nearly 30 grams per serving.

    The same amount of unprocessed cranberries have about four grams of sugar.

    I don’t say don’t enjoy them, I just say moderation may be called for.

  5. Dried cranberries are wonderful. If you read the labels carefully, you can moderate the amount of added sugar. Cranberries are by nature very tart, so there is a certain amount of sugar in any cranberry form, whether it be juice or craisins.

  6. and by the way, thanks for the Kohls codes! I had a 15% off (in a direct mailing), but adding the free shipping helped, too. I just wore out a favorite pair of Gloria Vanderbilt pants, so I needed a direct replacement. timing!!

  7. Thanks, I love old navy.

  8. The Old Navy Code only works if you charge it on an Old Navy card. Bummer.

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