Hooray, I’m hungry again

By Mir
September 23, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

The nice thing about all of the coupon codes for Restaurant.com is that no matter how often you use them, chances are you’ll get hungry again eventually. See how fortuitous that is? So even though I probably just posted one of these a couple of days ago, here’s another one. You’re welcome!

So, take 60% off your purchase at Restaurant.com with coupon code FALL, through September 30th, 2008. That’ll get you $25 worth of dining for just $4. If you’re unmoved by that sort of deal, well, I don’t think I can help you.


  1. It’s saying the coupon code in invalid when I try. ???

  2. It sounds like a great deal; unfortunately restaurant.com only has ONE restaurant within 25 miles of my zip code. (And the one restaurant that it shows is unfortunately one that SUCKS.)

  3. It certainly seems like a good deal. Navigating through website can be tricky. It seems no matter what mile radius I pick, most cities list only 1 restaurant. I was able to get about 75 restaurants in and around my hometown by searching by county, not city or zip. And, they have a few city names in MI misspelled – I would imagine that has an influence on the search results. Poor programming aside, this website and coupon code, (which worked fine for me), is a great way to expand my family’s culinary diversity without traveling too far. Thanks for the tip WantNot –

  4. Worked for me today- go figure. Thanks, Mir!

  5. Worked fine for me, I’ve been meaning to try this and finally I am. 😀

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