You have nice assets

By Mir
September 24, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Guys, look away for a minute. Please. Just for a minute. Okay, thanks.

Ladies! Ever tried the Target version of Spanx? They’re called Assets, and you can get a free pair here.

Not that you need them. You look fabulous, dahling!


  1. Thank you! I like free things!

  2. Thanks, I always wanted to try these! How can I pick the size and style?

  3. Thanks!

  4. Thank you! I have always loved a seamless booty! 🙂

  5. Oh, how did you know I could use some of those? Have you been looking at my butt?

  6. They are already gone. Drat! They are great!

  7. man! Already gone. I’ve been wanting to try them!

  8. They told me they were all “given away” already after I put in all my information.

  9. Not fast enough I guess.

  10. If you’ve been waiting to try them, go ahead and do it. They’re great — and they’re from the same gal who invented Spanx to begin with. I have to admit I haven’t done the looong ones yet; I like the bike shorts length. But they’re great under suits!

  11. The giveaway has given out, but I’ve been using Assets off and on since my last baby was born. I think the quality is on par with Spanx and the price is so much better.

  12. I love Assets!

  13. Site is down, I guess everyone wants them and your advertising was too much for them.

  14. all gone. dadgummit.

    This post-baby body may be headed to Target to pick up one of her own, though. Holiday parties and relative visits are on the way…

  15. Heh, this mutant pot-bellied body may be headed there too.

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