Read, set, click! (Wii Fit)

By Mir
September 25, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Amazon has texted me once again; at 2:30 p.m. Eastern (about 5 minutes from now), Amazon will have Wii Fits in stock. Will I ever get my Fit? My hand’s ready and waiting on my mouse!

Just think—now that you’ve gone and gotten Prime, you’ll have it in a couple of days, if you snag one.

[Edited to add: Seriously, y’all. I think Amazon is just messing with me, now.]


  1. I got one, but the only reason I got one was that I had Amazon text me, and then I texted Amazon back that I wanted to buy one.

    Never actually saw it on the site, though. I’ll bet that they’re all being snapped up by other texters.

  2. You know, my mom got a Wii Fit by calling the Walmarts around the area. She had to drive to one about 45 minutes away, but they literally had stacks of them!

  3. Please don’t shoot me for this insanely stupid question….Here goes…

    Is this like a game FOR the Wii? Or is this all-inclusive. So do I have to already own a Wii to run this contraption????

    Please advise… 🙂

  4. This is a game for the Wii.

  5. Also, keep an eye out when Best Buy’s sunday circular says “X number guaranteed per store”. Dh got to our local one 5 minutes before opening a few Sundays ago and nabbed it pretty smoothly. Though, yes, we’d been looking for awhile. This is how we got the Wii in the first place, too.

  6. I got a Wii last time…no wait, TWO Wiis! Amazon accidentally sent me two (which, yes, I paid for). Anyone want the other one?

  7. Janet – I would be interested in buying it from you – I am at dabneyrobrts @

  8. I know that you abhor going to a store versus shopping online; however, in St. Louis, MO., there is a set time when wii’s go on sale for the week – on Sunday a.m. when the stores open. It’s an agreement throughout all of St Louis. You may not get the best deal in town, but you get want you want, when you want it. Seems like a lot less hassle to me.

  9. So didja get one, Mir? Didja? Didja? Huh? Didja?

    (Not that I’m at all curious. Oh, no, not me. Nope.)

  10. So Mir,

    If a loyal reader, occasional commenter, and completely non-stalker was to happen across a Wii Fit, would you want her to buy it for you and ship it to you and you could reimburse her for it? Just asking cause I live in a small town and my local Wal-Mart nearly always has 1 or 2 of them sitting around, so it wouldn’t actually be that much trouble. Plus the manager of the electronics dept. is a good friend of hubby’s, so she could put one back for me just to be sure…

    let me know if you want in! I’m happy to help my favorite blogger!

  11. I have to say, I love my Wii Fit – I don’t mean this in a nyah nyah I got mine way, only in a it’s-worth-going-to-the-store or buying-it-in-a-bundle way, since it doesn’t seem to actually be appearing on Amazon (or the texters are getting them all).

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