Winners of the Zebra Pen contest

By Mir
October 1, 2008
Category Contests

I feel in such good company, surrounded by so many fellow office supply addicts. Let’s all hug and then go debate the relative merits of various gel pens! Woo!

422 of you entered the contest to win a grab bag of Zebra Pen writing implements, and I only have two of them to give away. I’m sorry. Um, the other 420 of you are looking very pretty today, despite your lack of winnings. Truly.

The winners, however, are commenters Amy (403) and Jenn (5). Congratulations, ladies! Please check your email!

Big thanks to everyone who played, and a special thanks to my friend the Pen Fairy over at Bender Hammerling for donating the prizes. It’s a very good job indeed when someone sends you an enormous box of office supplies just because. I’m just sayin’.

Didn’t win this time? I have something extra super cool coming up on Monday, so don’t fret. Don’t think of it as losing—think of it as maybe winning the next one! (Okay, that was lame. I apologize.)


  1. Mir you spent more time apologizing to us loosers then congratulating the lucky two girls who get their fifteen minutes of fame on your blog (plus receive fabulous prizes).
    So I just have to say congratulations to Jenn and Amy!
    Yea for cute pens!

  2. Thanks Mir! 🙂

  3. Wow. I really thought that this time it was me!! But again, it wasn’t 🙁

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