Feeling Fridayful

By Mir
October 3, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Oh, Friday. You are so bountiful, what with your Amazon Friday Sale and Friday Five. What more could I ask for? (What’s that? My children have playdates this afternoon? Friday, you’re a miracle worker!)

There’s a veritable bevy of headphones available this week, and—speaking a someone who’s perfectly content with the factory earbuds that came with my iPod—I don’t really know why someone would want to spend $180 on a pair of headphones, but I’m sure one of you audiophiles will explain it to me.

Limited sizes and colors, but I’m kinda digging this simple sandal. You know, for next year. Because I’m pretending we’re not still hitting the mid-80 temperatures in October.

Need a set of silverware? Oneida’s on sale.

If you haven’t yet replaced your BPA-leaking plastic food storage with glass, you might want to check out one of the two Pyrex storage sets on sale. (Also: Please stop sending me links to stories about exploding Pyrex. They’re freaking me out. Allow me to take this opportunity to suggest you only use your Pyrex storage containers for storage. Apparently going from freezer to oven is not a great idea, I get it.)

If you’ve been considering a rice cooker, this Panasonic one gets great reviews and squeaks in at under $100 despite having the highly-coveted fuzzy logic (translation: nothing ever burns, no matter how you neglect it) capability. My finger is hovering over the button on this one.

Wind chimes are my favorite thing to give as a house-warming gift. Love ’em.

This one’s for those of you with more than one kid in diapers: The Pampers wipes refills are marked down to $20.99 for a case, plus there’s a current offer where you can get a $20 gift certificate for a future purchase when you spend $99+ on Pampers/Luvs products. Stock up and save big!

All Fit & Fresh food storage containers are made of polypropylene—that means no dangerous BPA. Check out this combo pack on sale, but also keep in mind that if you buy $39+ of qualifying products, you can save $10 instantly with code FITFOCT8.

Method baby laundry detergent is on sale, plus save another 15% with code GRNOCT8, plus save another 15% if you choose Subscribe & Save (which can be canceled later).

You have to love a watch that comes with an eye patch. Arrrrr, mateys!

Enjoy your Friday, everyone!


  1. It’s just unreal that you don’t mention that one of the Friday Five is the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack! Go find that polyester.

  2. I DID need a set of silverware! I scooped these up this morning before work. Yay! Perfect way to start a Friday!

  3. I can’t believe someone would put a glass container that was frozen into the oven. Yikes….get a clue.

  4. Those headphones look like professional quality. I wore a pair like that when I was in college, doing my workstudy recording recitals and concerts.

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